Michel Enríquez CONFESSES: “I like to do things AS THEY ARE, under RESPECT and SINCERITY”

By Migue Guerra

In Cuban baseball there are many stellar players, who not only stand out for their ability to perform on the baseball field, but for their work and social attitude. If we talk about star players, without a doubt we must mention Michel Enríquez.

The spectacular third baseman of Cuban teams won many awards and recognitions throughout his career and implanted interesting numbers within the statistics in national series. One of the most outstanding, without a doubt, is his historical third place in batting average in Cuban baseball with a huge .356, only behind names like Osmani Urrutia and Omar Linares.

It is worth mentioning that for life, in 22 national series he has the following numbers: 5,692 times at bat, 1,063 runs scored, 2,026 hits, 437 doubles, 17 triples, 163 home runs and 906 RBIs, just to name a few.

The “Full Swing Show” dressed up on June 7, 2021, when it was attended by Michel Enríquez. In an interview dedicated to inquiring about the most interesting details of the sports and extra-sports life of the “Super 12”, both past and present, one of the many things he explained to us was regarding your current contract in Mexico.

In this regard, Michel mentioned:

“My contract is personal, it is not managed by the Cuban federation, I tried in previous years to do it by the Cuban federation, but it was impossible, there were many obstacles and I decided to do this personally, but always watching …”

“Here last year I spoke by phone with the representative of Cuba Deportes here in Mexico, to whom I communicated my wishes to see how through Cuba Deportes I could make a contract, he told me that he did not have any kind of problem. how long the previous season ended, because last year the season was suspended due to COVID. “

“But I want to do things as they are, in fact, I have done all my things as they are, because the island’s authorities do have full knowledge of all my movements and how they are. These years ago it was very difficult for me to try to reach through the federation and that is why I wanted to do it and I am trying for years to come to do it through Cuba Deportes, I still don’t know what the mechanism is like, I would like to reach Cuba, reach Cuba Deportes , introduce myself and tell them how it works. “

“When they fix all the things, the issue of the covid, that everything stabilizes, also to be able to get to the federation and see how the procedure is and the things that have to be done, I like to do things as they are, under the respect and the sincerity. “

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