Mets owner Báez and Lindor: “They played with fire”

The owner of the New York Mets, Steve Cohen, said this Monday that the behavior of the Puerto Ricans on Sunday was unacceptable Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor, among other players, adding that he hopes the controversial situation will serve as an opportunity to learn.

Tired with boos from his own fans, Baez showed the Mets crowd at City Field both thumbs down after hitting a two-run home run. Center fielder Kevin Pillar did the same in the sixth inning, after singling, and Lindor joined them with the same gesture in the eighth inning after a two-run RBI double in the eventual 9-4 victory over the Nationals. from Washington.

After the game at a press conference, Báez said that the gesture meant a “boo” for the fans, determined to offer them when they applauded them for a good performance as opposed to the boos they have been offered in their difficult moments in the box of batting.

This Monday morning, the Mets owner said the gesture “played with fire (Hit the third rail).” The term “hit the third rail” is used in politics to designate officials who address taboo and controversial issues that can destroy their credibility and career.

“These are young players and sometimes we forget that they are on a public stage and that they can make mistakes. But they played with fire nonetheless by messing with the fans. And that is unacceptable. We hope it will serve as your experience and that you will learn from it, ”Cohen told the New York Post.

The Mets return to play Tuesday at City Field, where they host the Miami Marlins for a three-game series that concludes Thursday.

Mets president Sandy Alderson also said Monday that the players’ gestures were “unacceptable” because the Mets fans are “loyal,” “demanding,” “knowledgeable,” and entitled to express their frustrations.

The Mets were at the top of the Eastern Division until early August, when they gave up the lead to defending Division champions the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. He is third in the Division with a 63-67 record.

Lindor has been one of the main sources of boos for the Mets because his offensive numbers are below his average and because in the preseason he signed a multi-year contract valued at more than $ 300 million. He got hurt at the end of July and lost a month of action.

Baez has also been booed since the Mets acquired him early in August. He fell on the disabled list shortly after making his debut with the team. He’s had bad base runs and wild strikeouts.