Meet the LMBP players who are present at the LVBP

Major League Professional Baseball was present in the rosters of the teams of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League in its first week of the championship, since up to a total of 81 players were present, demonstrating the good level that was experienced in the summer in Venezuela.

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Aragua Tigers It is the team with the most representatives in the LMBP with 21 participants, followed by Magellan Navigators with 11 players. For their part, Guerreros del Caribe and Marineros de Carabobo are the ones with the most representatives in the LVBPwith 13 players each, Senadores de Caracas, the current two-time champions have 12 players in the Venezuelan winter ball.

List of players by teams:

Zulia Eagles – 9 players

Gumercindo González (Leaders)

Ismael Guillon (Centaurs)

Eudis Idrogo (Caciques)

Elvis Araujo (Warriors)

Arcenio Leon (Warriors)

Alexis Tapia (Leaders)

Carlos Herrera (Warriors)

Deiner Lopez (Samanes)

Cesar Valera (Warriors)

Margaret Braves – 10 players

Yender Cáramo (Leaders)

Henry Rye (Dolphins)

Ivan Hernandez (Senators)

Dedgar Jimenez (Senators)

Jesus Martinez (Mariners)

David Ramos (Leaders)

Edgar Duran (Mariners)

Heiker Meneses (Caciques)

Jose Martinez (Mariners)

Frank Diaz (Leaders)

Cardinals of Lara – 8 players

Fabian Blanco (Samanes)

Vicente Campos (Samanes)

Elvis Escobar (Leaders)

Jean Machí (Warriors)

Nestor Molina (Dolphins)

Yohan Quevedo (Mariners)

Osman Marval (Mariners)

Manuel Melendez (Caciques)

Caribs of Anzoátegui – 7 players

Omar Bencomo Jr (Centaurs)

Liarvis Breto (Leaders)

Angel Guillen (Warriors)

Jesus Paricauan (Centaurs)

Carlos Teller (Samanes) imported

Jesus Sucre (Senators)

Edgardo Fermin (Leaders)

Caracas Lions – 10 players

Felix Carvallo (Senators)

Alfred Gutierrez (Leaders)

Ricardo Rodriguez (Senators)

Danny Rondon (Mariners)

Miguel Socolovich (Dolphins)

Jesus Zambrano (Dolphins)

Jose Rondon (Senators)

Wilfredo Tovar (Dolphins)

Oswaldo Arcia (Senators)

Alexander Palma (Mariners)

Magellan Navigators – 11 players

Alvin Herrera (Mariners)

Jose Ascanio (Caciques)

Jose Martinez (Mariners)

Luis Martinez (Mariners)

Robert Zarate (Leaders)

Luis Alvarez (Warriors)

Jose Tello (Mariners)

Alberto Gonzalez (Senators)

Engel Vielma (Sailors)

Humberto Garcia (Mariners)

Alberth Martinez (Warriors)

Sharks of La Guaira – 5 players

Johan Belisario (Senators)

Gregory Infante (Dolphins)

Carlos Suniaga (Caciques)

Jesus Guzman (Dolphins)

Junior Sosa (Senators)

Aragua Tigers – 21 players

Leonel Campos (Warriors)

Jorgan Cavanerio (Dolphins)

Francisco Chaparro (Centaurs)

Rafael Cova (Dolphins)

Eduardo Figueroa (Warriors)

Edgar Ibarra (Centaurs)

Franklin Morales (Dolphins)

Osmer Morales (Centaurs)

Anthony Ortega (Warriors)

Angel Padron (Samanes)

Angelo Palumbo (Warriors)

Carlos Zamora (Dolphins)

Josmar Cordero (Warriors)

Gersel Pitre (Caciques)

Humberto Arteaga (Senators)

Alberto Callaspo (Samanes)

Yonathan Mendoza (Samanes)

Franklin Torres (Centaurs)

Carlos Arroyo (Leaders)

Anthony Jimenez (Senators)

Carlos Tocci (Samanes)

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Meet the LMBP players who are present at the LVBP