Meet Greg Weissert, the Yankees’ next relief star

The New York Yankees have a secret weapon in the Minor Leagues, reliever Greg Weissert who is coming off playing in Triple-A for the first time in his career.

Weissert He posted a 1.64 ERA playing at Double-A and Triple-A last season, and as if that weren’t enough, his opponents only hit 166 against him.

His best combo in the arsenal is his changeup and slider, even Baseball America believes that Weissert has the best slider in the minor league system of the New York Yankees.

Greg Wwissert numbers in the last three seasons.

  • 2017…2-2 record, 4.13 ERA, 28 innings, 8 BBs, 34 strikeouts and 204 AVG allowed.
  • 2018..4-4 record, 3.12 ERA, 65 innings, 86 strikeouts, 28 BBs and another low AVG allowed of 211.
  • Record 2019-3-4, 4.02 ERA, 65 IP, 35 BB, 77 K and 198 AVG on loan.
  • 2021-Double-A; 1-2 record, 0.74 ERA, 12.2 innings, 5 BBs, 20 strikeouts and 191 AVG allowed. Triple-A, 3-1 record, 36 innings, 22 BBs, 40 strikeouts and 156 AVG allowed.

Question mark.

The control of Wwrissert It is still that river that does not let him reach success in its entirety, for life he has a %12.3 BB while 8.4 is the MLB average, not the best, that means that Greg has a lot to improve with control of their releases.

Wwissert is not considered a top prospect for the Bronx Mules, as he measures 6’2 with 2015 pounds, but he is 27 years old, this was the 548th pick of the 18th round of the 2016 draft because he was a pitcher without nothing impressive, normal qualities and with age on top.


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Meet Greg Weissert, the Yankees’ next relief star