Max Scherzer breaks silence on his time with the Dodgers

The pitcher of the Mets from New York, Max scherzer, broke the silence on some issues about his time with the Angels dodgers on the MLB.

Sscherzer knows that he possibly “snubbed” Dodgers fans because he lived up to expectations in the regular season but maybe not in the playoffs. However, he explains how his workload was and the misunderstanding that there was:

“To me, watching the postseason unfold, it looks eerily similar to what the 2019 race was like for me,” Scherzer said. “I was launching the [juego] wild card and entering the division series, making a relief appearance and then pitching in the National League Championship Series as well. For me, there was a four-start race there. Since the start of the wild card, and this is in 2019, from the start of the wild card to the relief appearance and two days later, starting against the Dodgers, throwing 110 pitches at that start and then continuing to start Game 2 against the Cardinals.

“I don’t blame the Dodgers,” Scherzer said. “Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough on what I was really talking about.”

“That was a huge workload for me in 2019, but I was able to do it. And so when the playoffs started, after the wild card game, that’s when I told Doc about, “Hey, look, I have experience doing this. I understand how this postseason works. If I get a semblance of relief, you can use me outside of the ‘pen.’ Dodgers did the right thing protecting Walker [Buehler] and July [Urías] and throwing ourselves. on the sixth day. Giving us extra rest most of the time. And for me, that was … the most I had thrown in all six

In the end, he signed a historic contract with the New York Mets and turned down several offers from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Max Scherzer breaks silence on his time with the Dodgers