Matt Olson: key to Freeman’s arrival at Dodgers

Much has been said in recent days about the possible arrival of Freddie Freeman to the Dodgers, as incredible as it sounds, but what would be the importance of Matt Olson for this to happen?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that the rumors of Freddie Freeman’s possible arrival at the Dodgers are real. What began as a gossip without many bases, little by little has been gaining strength thanks to rumors in the corridors and leaks to the press.

Bravos and Freddie Freeman still do not sign an extension after ending their contract and now with the strike they will continue like this until they have a new collective contract. This has fallen very well to the Dodgers board of directors, who have been left without Seager and with a lot of money that they thought to offer him ready to go into the pockets of some other players.

And California-born Freeman could be that man.

Now how does Matt Olson fit into this story? Well, Olson, in turn, is one of the most popular hair guys for an exchange. An exceptional first baseman who has his hours counted in Oakland and in which the Yankees, Dodgers and others have shown interest.

Braves among them. Just like a possible replacement for Freeman.

Olson’s arrival would be the only possible response in this market to losing one of the best starters in the business. Reportedly, Atlante intensified its search for Olson just before the strike. A three-way play that only leaves us wondering: why better not sign Freeman and stop being crazy anyway?

What do you say?

And to all this, what is the work stoppage that broke out this week in MLB?

The work stoppage in MLB, occurs after the owners of teams and the Players Union (MLBPA for its acronym in English), not being able to agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will govern the contractual norms and rules of the game in Major Leagues .

The current CBA expired at 11:59 pm on Thursday (US Eastern time), so after not being able to agree on a new one at the end of this period, what is already a fact occurs with the work stoppage .

It is important not to point out or confuse a work stoppage with a “strike”, since MLB is in an off-season, and a strike is only if it comes to influence in the middle of a season, such as the cancellation of games.

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Matt Olson: key to Freeman’s arrival at Dodgers