MATANZAS ALREADY HAS A MANAGER, assured Provincial Commissioner

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

In the last days of October we report on this website on the controversy that existed in the team of the Crocodiles of Matanzas, current runners-up in Cuban ball, about who will occupy the position of director in the forthcoming 61st edition of the National Series.

“Armando Ferrer or Roger Machado?” was chosen as helmsman of the Cocos in case its current director, Armando Ferrer, could be called to a similar position but in the Cuba team, so he could not follow the among the Yumurinos.

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Although this hypothesis was clarified by both Ferrer and Machado, regarding the possibility that the Avilanian could lead the Matanzas boat, there is still doubt among the team’s followers on the issue of whether Ferrer will command Matanzas in the Series 61 or not, regardless of who can replace him, if necessary.

Other controversial issues in the Yumurino team and that worries their fans are the cases of Aníbal Medina, Erisbel Arruebarruena and Yadil Mujica, who still do not specify how long they could be with the team in the coming season.

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On these topics, the area of ​​the Warning Zone of Yumurí TVThrough a video shared on his YouTube channel, he interviewed Héctor Rodríguez, current provincial baseball commissioner in Matanzas.

“Armando Ferrer remains in the direction of Matanzas,” Rodríguez assured the Yumurino journalist Alejandro Castellanos, which greatly reassures the partisans of the team.

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The official also commented on the preselection training for Series 61.

«The preselection has been working. It’s impressive to see the guys the way they are preparing. Everyone is giving themselves, from those with more experience to those who start new, “said the commissioner.

“Now they are preparing hard in the sand and on the ground, starting next week the training will be at the stadium in the morning and the preparation stops will begin,” he added.

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Regarding the cases of Medina, Arruebarruena and Mujica, Rodríguez explained:

“Aníbal Medina is going to start the series with us. If in the end the contract that is being managed in Spain is satisfactory, he would join, but so far he is training very voluntarily with the aim of contributing as far as he can go ».

«It was decided to bring Roberto Acea to the preselection. He was for Matanzas, he became known in the national series for this province and is a shortstop who could help make up for the absences of Yadil Mujica and Erisbel Arruebaruena, “the official concluded.

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MATANZAS ALREADY HAS A MANAGER, assured Provincial Commissioner