Marlins’ Trevor Rogers sets unique Major League record

Miami Marlins pitcher Trevor Rogers set a unique record for strikeouts in the Major Leagues – MLB.

trevor rogerswho is playing in 2022 his third season in the Big leagueshas just established a unique brand of strikeouts for left-handed pitchers in the best baseball in the world, without a doubt something historic what we saw for this youngster from the Marlins of Miami.


Through this Saturday’s game between the Miami Marlins and the Philadelphia Phillies, Rogers had a 1.2-inning outing and three strikeouts, with which he reached 200 in his Major League career and became the first left-hander in the MLB history in reaching that number in the first 34 games of his career (all starts).


Without a doubt, it is a memorable record for this Marlins pitcher, since no other left-handed pitcher like Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson or Clayton Kershaw achieved such a thing and that they have been a reference in the MLB.

Additionally, Rogers is the 12th overall starting pitcher to accomplish the feat in MLB history; the other 11 were right-handed pitchers.


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He is the second pitcher in Miami franchise history to reach that number of strikeouts in his first 34 MLB starts. The other is José Fernández: (242 K – 212.2 innings), reported Daniel Álvarez.

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From 2020 to 2022, this young southpaw has a 3.49 ERA, 8-11 record and 202 chocolates.


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Marlins’ Trevor Rogers sets unique Major League record