Marcus Stroman suggested to complete Dodgers rotation

Marcus Stroman suggested to fill out Dodgers starting rotation Los Angeles for the 2022 season of the Big leagues.

Dodgers insider

The #Dodgers insider suggests Marcus Stroman to complete the initial rotation. How do you feel about this idea?

With Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw becoming free agents this week and the expected exodus of Trevor Bauer, the Dodgers will have some gaps to fill in the starting rotation next season.

At the moment, only Walker Buehler and Julio Urías remain for Los Angeles, both with the expectation of completing more than 30 starts in 2022. With that, we’re in for that fun offseason open market preamble. Of the dozens of premium players expected to make free agency this winter, the Dodgers will have a chance to stick with the familiar or look to seriously change the roster.

Some ideas on how Andrew Friedman could complete the headline rotation

LA Times writer Jorge Castillo had some ideas on how Andrew Friedman might fill out the sold out headline rotation. Enter Marcus Stroman. The right-hander made 33 starts for the New York Mets in 2021, going 10-13 with a 3.02 ERA in 179 innings pitched.

What is missing and how does it make up for it?

What Stroman lacks in durability (he averaged 5-1 / 3 innings in 33 starts for the New York Mets this year) he makes up for in performance. … [Su] Four-pitch combination consists of a 92 mph fastball, 85.5 mph slider, 90.4 mph cutoff fastball, and 86 mph shift. Someone who could fill quality innings at the top of the rotation is exactly what LA should be looking for. While Stroman lacks the seriousness of a Kershaw or Scherzer, he makes up for it with durability and athleticism. He has made more than 30 starts in four of his last five full seasons.

The big question for Los Angeles is, what might Stroman be looking for in free agency?

Rumors have him asking for $ 25 million a year, which may cause the Dodgers to consider upping the ante to reach Max Scherzer’s asking price. In particular, Andrew Friedman has said that he hopes Los Angeles will take advantage of his generosity of young and talented arms from the minor leagues next season and beyond. With Dustin May expected to return mid-season, and another season set to help just Tony Gonsolin, the club can apparently come off cheap in the rotation. But another season of the faltering or unstaffed rotation late in the postseason would be a hard pill for fans to swallow. Particularly when the Giants and Padres look to strengthen their clubs this offseason as well. As has been said numerous times here on this site, this upcoming off-season is sure to be one of the most transformative winters in recent memory.

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Marcus Stroman suggested to complete Dodgers rotation