Magallanes gives a lunge to Lions coming from behind in the University

Gonzalo Urgelles R.

In a vibrant meeting, as it is supposed to be a duel between the ‘eternal rivals’, the Navegantes del Magallanes defeated the Leones del Caracas (8-7) at the University – coming from behind on the scoreboard – to place the particular series in their favor and establish themselves in the first place of the classification.

From first to fourth batter for the Lions, they began the game with consecutive singles to bring the first line. Then, José Rondón in a great turn, with a count of 3 and 2, responded with a double to left field, to bring two more to the register. Caracas started winning 3-0 from the very first episode.

At the height of the third chapter, the Magellan bats reacted; Alejandro De Aza singled and scored off a double by Pablo Sandoval. Leonardo Reginatto emulated what ‘El Panda’ did, before Alberth Martínez and Gabriel Noriega negotiated passports, to bring the second race on a wheelie.

Once again Romer Cuadrado, in the fourth inning, sticks out his face for the longhaired with a superb homerun across the center field. Immediately the capitalists filled the bases, courtesy of the filibuster pitching that awarded three tickets; Rondón grounded out for third, but a third baseman error allowed two more runs to enter. The seventh line of Caracas came from a wild pitch.

In the sixth section, Gabriel Noriega received the new pitcher (Franklin Dacosta) with a long triple; later Arturo Nieto and Rayder Ascanio negotiated a ticket to load the bases and sentence Dacosta who could not remove a single batter; With two outs on the board and before Loiger Padrón sent, De Aza connected solid on the right, grand slam to put the game for one run.

After the fifth chapter, the electric pitching handcuffed the capital’s toletería, to the point of not allowing undisputed. Up to ten batters in a row came to withdraw the relievers from the last third of the game, for Magallanes.

The Turkish ship continued to create danger, in the ninth inning –after one out– there were singles followed by Alberth Martínez and Gabriel Noriega, the tie came by selection play and Cade Gotta turned the game around for the visit, with an RBI hit by the team. left sides.

The closer of the feline team could not maintain the advantage in his favor, received punishment by the Magellan artillery and ended up carrying the defeat, allowing a couple of clean runs. Manager José Alguacil gave confidence to his closer and the defeat ends up falling on his shoulders as well.

The winning pitcher was Wilking Rodríguez, in the work of an inning in which he did not allow any type of freedom to the citizens of the capital and retired one by way of strikes. Bruce Rondón – who did get the job done – scored his third save of the season.

The Navegantes del Magallanes return to their home, José Bernardo Pérez de Valencia, to receive a visit from the Tigres de Aragua. For their part, the Lions of Caracas stay in the cave of Los Chaguaramos, where they will wait for Bravos de Margarita to fight for second place in the table.


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Magallanes gives a lunge to Lions coming from behind in the University