Magallanes defeats Caribes 10-9 and leveled the Venezuelan baseball final

Photo: Magallanes Press

Ángel Reyes hit a key home run, the American Cade Gotta drove in the decisive run in the eighth inning and the Magellan Navigators defeated this Saturday 10-9 to the Caribs of Anzoátegui to tie the Venezuelan baseball final at two wins.

Magallanes turned an adverse slate by signing three runs in the eighth act: Rayder Ascanio scored two by connecting uncatchable against the pitches of the experienced Major League closer Silvino Bracho and Gotta drove in one, scored by the Dominican Alejandro De Aza, with a sacrifice fly.

Reyes hit a three-run homer in the third.

Reliever Anthony Vizcaya (1-1) scored the victory at the José Bernardo Pérez stadium by retiring a scoreless inning, with one hit and one walk. Bruce Rondón saved for the second time in this final.

Magellan rose

Bracho, who had two saves in the series, took the mound with the bases loaded and one out instead of the Mexican Esteban Haro with the mission of stopping the naval offensive, but this time he could not.

Magallanes spoiled a great night for bigleaguer Willians Astudillo, who hit a couple of home runs that seemed to lead the defending Caribbean champions to victory.

The series for the title, to the best of seven commitments, will continue on Sunday.

Anzoátegui opened the running movement with Niuman Romero’s home runs with a teammate in circulation in the first inning and went on to lead 5-0 in the third, with the first of Astudillo’s home runs of the night, with a man in bases, and another home run by Asdrúbal Cabrera.

However, Magallanes closed that fifth inning with a four-run cluster, with an RBI single by Alberto González and the crucial home run by Ángel Reyes, which woke up manager Wilfredo Romero’s players.

batting duel

The Navegantes did more damage in the fourth inning, in which they took a 7-5 lead, with an RBI hit by Mexico’s Jesse Castillo and a grounder by Gotta that Romero couldn’t field for Castillo and De Aza to score.

Anzoátegui, with Astudillo’s second home run of the day, cut back in the fifth.

And three more races in the sixth seemed to define in his favor. Víctor Reyes drove in Tomás Telis and Luis Sardiñas with uncatchable and Romero did the same with Reyes himself.

This until the winning reaction of the homeowners in the eighth.

Gotta went 3-for-4 with three RBIs; and Reyes 4-1, with the same number of RBIs and one scored.

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Magallanes defeats Caribes 10-9 and leveled the Venezuelan baseball final