LVBP: Yoimer Camacho: “I thought my career was over”

If something is really difficult in professional baseball, it is to have a long career with the same organization; Although it is complicated, to achieve it, various factors are needed that are not even under the control of the player.

Under this reality, Yoimer Camacho, to date, is the oldest member on the roster of a team with such a winning tradition, and even complicated as Leones del Caracas.

In this regard, the Venezuelan sports brand, Meridiano, talks exclusively with the seasoned Brazo e Goma:

“Very happy to belong to Leones del Caracas for 12 seasons, if I knew, since I debuted in 2011, it’s a great shirt to wear, I’m very happy about it and it makes me think many things about the board, about my teammates ”.

Regarding this prolonged stay, the right considers his behavior:

“I classify myself as a calm boy, I think my success is in discipline and that is what has allowed me to spend so many years with the team.”

In the first instance, I believe it is the will of God, thanks to him who has given me this talent, I have really prepared myself to face these types of situations, I have prepared myself for any type of circumstance in which they put me, I have been a starter, middle and closing reliever.

For all that I have prepared myself

This year there is very good chemistry, it’s not that in previous years there wasn’t, in fact, there were good teams, but this year, everyone who is coming, whether big league or imported, has adapted to what it means to be one of the Caracas Lions.

I think that is the difference, those who are arriving are adding up, also encouraging the team.

When Arizona released me in 2014 I thought my career was over; I have a lot to thank Luis Ávila, he was the one who gave me the opportunity to stay with Leones del Caracas.

That boy is grateful for the whole experience,

In my beginnings Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Víctor Gárate himself, I was a little boy when I made my debut, I took advice from both of them, I am grateful to them. Even with Miguel Socolovich himself (laughs).

The same 8 ball (laughs)

Great figures have left us, Eugenio Suárez for example, Harold Castro, we don’t really know if he will return; Even so, the team is quite solid, even those on the bench are doing their bit.

It can be a reality, let’s go for 21!

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LVBP: Yoimer Camacho: “I thought my career was over”