LVBP: Who are the best pitchers per team so far this season?

Although the collective pitching has improved significantly this season, compared to previous years, in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP)hitters still dominate.

It is for this reason that quality pitchers acquire added value, and in this contest there is an interesting group that stands out in a particular way in each of its casts.

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As a reference we will take the lines of effectiveness and whip; the general of the circuit, before the day of this Sunday, is in 4.41 and 1.53 respectively.

Here the reliever Yender Cáramo (1.06/1.00) stands out, as well as his fellow starters José Mesa Jr. (2.31/1.29) and Henry Centeno (3.00/1.03).

If Yapson Gómez (1.76/0.98) stands out, let alone Darwinson Hernández (0.00/0.92). Both in relief work.

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Though they don’t have the worst ERA or poorest whip in the conclave, in the Tribe, Yeizo Campos (1.80/1.00) is almost exclusively the one to be considered. He is a reliever.

Under the parameters of this work, the long-haired can boast of having the best arms, where the closer Anthony Castro (1.23/0.75), the intermediate arm Yoimer Camacho (2.20/1.16), as well as Jesús Vargas in the rotation ( 1.82/1.35).

If the bolt of his nemesis has always shined, the one on the ship behind does not stay. Bruce Rondón (0.79/0.88), while Erick Leal props up the rotation (3.25/1.06).

In general terms they are not the best, but three of their shotgunners are in the elite of the championship.

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Sam Bordner (0.68/0.98) when placing the padlock, Arnaldo Hernández (0.71/0.63) in the middle innings, in addition to Manuel Olivares (1.54/1.11) and Víctor Díaz in the starting five.

They have the least performing pitchers, but two of them are far from that reality, the closer Adam Hofacket (1.20/1.20) and Ángel Padrón (2.70/1.35) giving oxygen to the rotation.

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LVBP: Who are the best pitchers per team so far this season?