LVBP: These may be the reinforcements of Leones del Caracas for the Round Robin

The Leones del Caracas have been throughout the season thus one of the most complete teams both offensively and defensively speaking. That has earned them to be the first team classified to the Round Robin and that they are one victory away from qualifying as first.

The capital team is one of the organizations that looks best for the final round, because it has beaten most of the teams that classified their particular series and has maintained that high level of play throughout the season.

If they manage to pass as first in the general table, the team will have the opportunity to have the first choice in the substitution round and many fans wonder how one of the best teams of the season can be strengthened.

The management of the Leones del Caracas one of the aspects that may be thinking of reinforcing in the bullpenspecifically in the arms that can be ordered in the final innings of the match, this because their two best bracos, José Mujica and Anthony Castro, have limitations due to their organizations in the United States.

The ideal name to strengthen this aspect of the team will be the closer for the Águilas del Zulia, Silvino Brancho, who reinforced the long-haired team last season and who is a pitcher who currently has no limitations to pitch.

On the offensive side, the team’s high command expects the players Harold Castro and Eugenio Suárez to return for the start of the Round Robin and that could make the team choose other pieces, but this time there are two interesting names that will be available to reinforce any team and those are Salvador Peréz, and Rougned Odor.

The name of these two players completely changes any planning that a team may have, because they are players who have big league experience and who can respond at any important moment in the game.

Salvador Peréz is the player that the long-haired team could be most interested in, knowing that by removing this piece from the market, another team will not be reinforced with this player, but they will lose the possibility of choosing the pitcher they want.

One aspect that they can also try to strengthen is starting pitching and the ideal player for that is pitcher Mario Sánchez.

The Gardens is another aspect that could try to shieldAlthough they are the team that has made the fewest errors this season, an outfielder with a high defensive level could help the team and the ideal name in that position is Herlis Rodríguez.

We will have to wait for the day of the substitutions to arrive and see which teams end up being left out to see what other options open up, but if one thing is certain, it is that the management of the Leones del Caracas will have to study very carefully what their first choice will be.

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LVBP: These may be the reinforcements of Leones del Caracas for the Round Robin