LVBP: Sharks overcome to subdue the Eagles in their nest

has awakened the offensive of the Águilas del Zuliabut unlike the first game of the doubleheader, in the second the closing pitching fails before the attack by the La Guaira sharkswho overcame a rally against 4 predatory races to avoid the sweep.

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At the end of the sixth section, the eaglets were down on the scoreboard, 3-0, but their offensive was unleashed against reliever Williams Ramírez, who started badly by giving tickets to Jesús Chirinos and Niko Hulsizer, in addition, Carlos Herrera singled him out.

With the bases full, Bryan Flete also negotiates a passport, which forces manager Henry Blanco to call Arnaldo Hernández to the mound, received by Ali Castillo with a hit that brings 2, while Alex Romero completes with another indisputable RBI hitter.

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For the ninth, the eaglet leader, Marcos Davalillosummons his closer Silvino Bracho but he cannot place the lock, after 1 out, striking out Maikel García, gives Yolmer Sánchez four bad ones, advances to second base after a deflected delivery and steps on the plate thanks to Franklin Barreto’s indisputable .

Likewise, Ángel Aguilar accentuates the damage after thundering double that returns the advantage to the sharks, and lands in the waiting room due to Castillo’s sin; more gasoline reaches the candle with the ticket taken by the pinch hitter, Rafael Marchán.

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Under this pressure scenario, Wilson García responds with a hit that adds another score, which gives more cushion to the Sharks’ bolt, Sam Bordner, this one does not come on a precision night either, he dominates the first one he faces, José Herrera, however, Hulsizer hits him, Carlos Herrera fails on a forced out play, Flete also singles and Castillo delivers the 27th out with a fly ball to the left fielder.

Hernández wins (1-0, 1.26), saves Bordner (5, 2.45), loses Bracho (1-3, 3.18).

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LVBP: Sharks overcome to subdue the Eagles in their nest