LVBP: Magallanes endures the take and give me more to beat the Caribes

Until the beginning of the fifth section in Puerto La Cruz, even was the duel between Magellan Navigators Y Caribs of Anzoateguiin that entry the view marked a couple of lines, while in the sixth it generated a rally of 4 lines.

That 7-1 width was diluted with 2 scores from the tribe in the seventh, in addition to 5 in a crazy eighth inning seen from both perspectives.

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That seemed like a coup de grace from which the electricians would not recover, however, they kept their heads up and managed to be the final protagonists of a night of comebacks.

In that ninth, the native closer, José Marco Torres arrived totally ineffective; the first one he faced, Daniel Mayora, hit a double, the pinch runner Arquímedes Gamboa entered, Maikel Serrano tripled and he also scored after 1 out with a hit by Rayder Ascanio.

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A) Yes, Yadier Molina called out his new lock, Enderson Franco who struck out Balbino Fuenmayorbut gave a ticket to herlis rodriguez and received a triple from José Azócar that equalized the score and forced the extra-inning.

Already in that instance, Anzoátegui wasted a great opportunity, not so Magallanes, who went ahead with Maikel Serrano’s indisputable rubber that gummed the assigned runner, Arquímedes Gamboa.

However, the ship’s reliever, Ángel Navarro, got complicated, Rodríguez sacrificed himself and advanced to Edgardo Fermín (he emerged through the assigned running back, Fuenmayor), he also hit Azócar, Tomás Telis hit the ball, he hit a fly ball sacrifice again tied.

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The give and take was constant, the Navegantes in section 12, now with Loiger Padrón on the mound, once again took control after Alberto González’s hit that brought in Luis Torrens, Serrano put the icing on the cake with a homer driving 3 , placed the final score at 14×10.

Ángel Rondón won (1-0, 0.00), Padrón lost (1-3, 6.23).

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LVBP: Magallanes endures the take and give me more to beat the Caribes