LVBP: Lions hit first in the MTV Cup

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This Friday, Leones del Caracas and Bravos de Margarita will play an intense clash at the Forum La Guaira Stadium in the coastal citya venue where the Meridiano TV Cup will be played, a trophy awarded by the Venezuelan sports channel for its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The people from the capital occupy second place in the standings with six wins and two setbacks, placing themselves one game below the leaders of the Creole ball: the Tiburones de La Guaira. For its part, the team from Margarita has not had a good start, as it accumulates three wins and four losses in seven games, a record that places it outside the top 5.

In meridian.netwe will follow up inning by inning of this exciting meeting of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP).

First entry. High part: Wilfredo Tovar singles to shortstop. Afterwards, Jesús Castillo retires the next three batters. All three were dominated by flyout.

First entry. Bottom: Tomo Otosaka reaches base with a single, but is retired due to a double play. Luis Castro is retired for the third out.

Second Entry: Upper Part: Oswaldo Arcia strikes out throwing him. Freddy Fermín reaches base, but is retired due to a double play.

Second entry. Bottom: Inning difficult for Lions. Diego Rincones and David Rodríguez reach base on hit and walk. First and second forced outs. Heiker Meneses strikes out swinging.

Third entry. High part: Leandro Cedeño singles, but is removed for a double play. infield hit for Wilfredo Tovar. Lenyn Sosa is hit. Isaías Tejeda is retired for the third out.

Third entry. Bottom: Wilfredo Tovar’s error on a fly ball by Breyvic Valera, who reaches second. but inning ends one turn later.

Fourth entry. High part: Oswaldo Arcia sends the ball into the sea and overtakes the cats. The second race comes with an RBI double by José Rondón to bring Freddy Fermín to the rubber.

Fourth entry. Bottom: Margarita’s three batters are retired by way of 1-2-3.

Fifth entry. High part: CHANGE OF PITCHER: Jesús Castillo leaves for Julio Vivas. Visitors fill the bases. NEW CHANGE OF PITCHER: Julio Vivas leaves for Jesús Martínez. Oswaldo Arcia is hit and Gabriel Noriega scores.

Fifth entry. Bottom: Heiker Meneses hits a double and Otosaka drives him in for the home team’s discount. CHANGE OF PITCHER: Aliángel López leaves for Tiago Da Silva. EMERGING BATTER: Carlos Pérez enters for Breyvic Valera.

Sixth inning. High part: CHANGE OF PITCHER: Jesús Martínez leaves for David Ramos. The inning ends by way of 1-2-3.

Sixth inning. Bottom: The inning ends by way of 1-2-3.

seventh inning. High part: Lenyn Sosa singles. Isaías Tejeda walks on base. CHANGE OF PITCHER: David Ramos leaves for Dedgard Jiménez. EMERGING BATTER: Juan Infante enters for Oswaldo Arcia. Juan Infante receives a ticket and the bases are loaded. Freddy Fermín is retired by fly out to close the caraquista turn.

Lineup Lions of Caracas:

Margarita’s Braves Lineup:

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LVBP: Lions hit first in the MTV Cup