LVBP: Great Generation! See here the leaders tugs in postseasons

In a circuit like Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP)with 77 years of extensive experience and tradition, there are many stories that have developed in the field of the postseason.

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This has been a field where different players have excelled, a stage in which they have bathed in glories to gladly share them with the casts they have defended; As an immediate example we can mention Antonio Armas, our first “Mister January”a tough slugger who in that last month of the campaign forcefully responded with very timely hits that helped in different champion consecrations with Caracas Lions.

In fact, the slugger from Puerto Píritu is the caracista with the most titles won; 8 as a player and the last 2 as a coach.

In the time of Armas, the duration of the postseason was shorter as it was carried out under the series format, which meant that the maximum semifinal and final included 14 games. That changed from the 1987/1988 contest.

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Since that campaign began to apply the round robin mode, which started at that time with 12 commitments for each of the 4 qualifiers; This was the case until 1995/1996, when the wild card came into force, automatically adding 4 challenges to bring the figure to 16.

For 2015/2016, the series format returned, made up of the first playoff series, then the semifinals until reaching the decisive event, that is, the postseason could be up to 21 games. Since last year, the 16-game Round Robin returned.

This detailed synopsis explains why sluggers like Robert Pérez, Alex Cabrera, Luis Jiménez, Ramón Hernández, Luis Raven or Endy Chávez, managed to displace the number of Arms; BEWARE, we are not detracting from them, we only emphasize that they had a better chance because they played more.

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Much credit must be given to them because they also responded when the opportunity came, ultimately, that is what is relevant.

Having said this, we find that, “as a rare thing”, the “Black Wall” of the Cardinals of Lara he is the number 1 in RBIs in the history of the LVBP; 185, with a good distance from his greatest pursuer, the “Samurai” with 152.

Among the first 16 positions in this ranking, the name of Alex Romero stands out, to date, the only one still active in the League. Also, the presence of Miguel Cabrerawho in just 6 postseasons and 125 games, led 108 teammates to the plate.

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How far would Mr. Miggy have gone if he had been able to continue his career in the LVBP?

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LVBP: Great Generation! See here the leaders tugs in postseasons