LVBP: Caracas with a great offensive defeats Magallanes in the Universitario (+Photos)

Very moving and exciting is the duel offered by the two teams with the greatest tradition in the resumption of their inexhaustible belligerence; Magellan Navigators Y Caracas Lions they live their third confrontation in the 2022/2023 season, this is staged at the University Stadium.

The caraquistas arrive as occupants of the first place in the standings, with 1 advantage over the Magellan, a situation that adds gasoline to the candle that these confrontations always bring.

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For the same inning 1, Edwin García opens with a double for Magallanes, advances to third base with a sacrifice bunt from Alberto Gonzalez. He enters the race after a sacrifice fly by Maikel Serrano.

Achieving scores after 2 outs is a virtue of good teams, that emulates Caracas in the bottom of the second; Yohander Méndez strikes out Isaías Tejeda and José Rondón, but Leandro Cedeno hit League, Johnny Pereda He walks and Alexander Palma singles to right that ties the actions.

Alexander Palm | Photo: Henry Delgado | Lions Press

With the ranch on fire, the shipping defense can’t help their streamer; Gabriel Noriega connects a difficult rolling for third, where Lázaro Hernández throws wide to first and leaves the bases loaded for Wilfredo Tovar.

The “Wilfri responds”, thundering uncatchable to the left forest (his eighth game in a row) that adds 2 more for his team.

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But the lack of control in the third also seizes Elih Villanueva, initiator of the house, who begins with a walk to the ninth bat Rayder Ascanio, then receives undisputed from García; he takes a breath by striking out González, but Serrano sounds it and kicks it to return the lead to Magallanes.

Caracas does not fall asleep, they quickly tie again with a home run by Tejeda. After 2 outs, Pereda is still unstoppable and hits a single that takes Méndez out of the game, Darwin Ramos enters and incurs a wild pitch for the runner to advance, in addition, Palma’s reception is hostile and gives him an RBI hit.

2Q== Isaías Tejeda after his homer is received by Oswaldo Arcia and Wilfredo Tovar Photo: Henry Delgado | Lions Press

Ramos’ entanglements continue in the fourth, an instance where Lenyn Sosa hits him unstoppable, Tejeda negotiates a walk while Rondón sounds a double RBI of 2, thus José Martínez takes charge of the mound.

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On the other hand, Villanueva recomposes himself, completes 5 innings withdrawing in a row the last 7 faced.

9k= Elih Villanueva enjoys the full support of his offense to beat Magallanes | Photo: Henry Delgado | Lions Press

With José Mujica as the new pitcher for the felines, González receives him by hitting him biangular to the left in the sixth, scoring after a single by Serrano, the great enemy of the night who has 5 RBIs.

The Navegantes, before the relief of Tyler Wilson, cook up a reaction attempt in the eighth, they start with walks for Ascanio, but García hits for a double play 1-4-3; Gonzalez also misses with a ground ball to shortstop.

To secure the game, the Leones scored 2 more at the end of that 8. Anthony Vizcaya stumbled receiving an indisputable hit from Freddy Fermín, a hit in the box from Tejeda and a base-sweeping double from Cedeño.

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Despite arriving with no rescue option, Anthony Castro is called to close the santamaría. The closer responded forcefully with strikeouts to Serrano, Hernández and Alberth Martínez.

Magallanes 5, Caracas 9, final result. Villanueva wins (3-0, 4.15), Méndez loses (1-2, 4.60).

9k= The University Stadium has its best attendance in at least the last three years Photo: Henry Delgado | Lions Press

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LVBP: Caracas with a great offensive defeats Magallanes in the Universitario (+Photos)