LVBP: Buddy Bailey would return to Tigres under these conditions

Tigres de Aragua is in the midst of a process of change and the president of the organization, Víctor Zambrano, spoke exclusively with Meridian TV about. In the program Sport is spokenthe top leader of the organization spoke about the future manager of the team, the changes he has made and how the structure of the organization is transformed.

Zambrano affirmed that everything has been negotiated for the return of Buddy Bailey at the head of the Bengalis. This, as long as the cessation of sanctions arrives. “I have already reached an agreement with Buddy Bailey, if the sanctions end and tigers He has permission to use his big leaguers, there is already an agreement for him to be the manager” highlighted the president of the Aragüeña organization. “My first option as manager will be him,” he stated again.

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About the OFAC sanctions, which weigh on the Foundation Aragua Tigers, the leader assured that he keeps working on it. “I’m always in communication with the president of the League, we’re working on that and we’re working on that case. We want to get back to organized MLB baseball.” he added.

The change.

He also had words about the controversial change of Hernán Pérez and his move to the Cardenales de Lara. He assured that it was a very complicated decision to make. “It really was a very difficult decision, a hitter who has a lot of value in the league. A great change was made, thanks to Cardenales de Lara by giving me three pitchers,” he began to explain.

“There are many people who do not understand it, but the Aragua Tigers They have to make a big change as an organization. But decisions have to be made and the fans are the ones who wait.” Víctor Zambrano continued regarding the decision by which he acquired three pitchers. “There are managerial decisions, it’s nothing personal. Hernán Pérez was not our franchise player, the only untouchables would be David Concepción and Miguel Cabrera.”established.

Good news in the stands.

He also made an announcement about the improvements being carried out in the Jose Perez Colmenares Stadium in Maracay. “The bleachers are going to return in a special way and it is a great surprise. If we are going to walk through the bleachers. There are many things we can do but with the simple fact of bringing them back, it is something special,” Zambrano concluded.

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LVBP: Buddy Bailey would return to Tigres under these conditions