LVBP: 43 players traded so far for 2022/2023

Harold Capote Fernandez

Without fear of being wrong, we can affirm that this is the most dynamic interseasonal break that has been seen in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP).

After the 27th out fell on January 25 in the seventh game of the Grand Final between Navegantes del Magallanes and Caribes de Anzoátegui, to date 43 players have been sent to other casts in 43 days.

That had never happened on the circuit.

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Some teams in the conclave have not stopped at articles to transfer players from those known as franchises or those with a long history with a certain uniform, such is the case of José “Cafecito” Martínez and Loiger Padrón.

Caracas Lions:

On February 10, the first movement of the long-haired men arrived, when they sent Andrés Giménez (who never dressed as a lion) to the Cardenales de Lara, for his file they received the valued shortstop prospect, Oswald Peraza.

In less than a week, on February 16, the high command manages to trade catcher Juan Graterol to the Bravos de Margarita, receiving pitchers Randy Valladares (left-handed) and Alfred Gutiérrez (right).

Approximately 24 hours later, the long-haired team surprised by agreeing with their eternal rival the transfer of Romer Cuadrado (J) and Antonio Piñero (IF), to receive Gabriel Noriega (IF), Juan Infante (J) and Luis Rico (L).

Less than a month later, the Lions added the Arcia brothers, Oswaldo (J/1B) and Orlando (UTI). For them, 4 pitchers yielded, José Marco Torres, Loiger Padrón, Luis Amaya (relief pitchers), in addition to Jesús Rodríguez (opener).

Magellan Navigators:

Until now, the only exchange of the 2021/2022 champions has been with their usual nemesis.

Aragua Tigers:

On February 3, the Bengalis shook the LVBP market with two moves.

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In the first, they hired the services of “Cafecito, José (J/1B) and Teodoro Martínez (J), along with the star pitcher Jorgan Cavanerio in exchange for Francisco Arcia (R), Ramón García (LD), Wilson García (IF), Daniel Montaño (J) and Eduardo Sosa (J).

For the second, they added Humberto Arteaga (CC) for Déiner López (CC), Alexis Tapia (LD), Ismael Guillón (LZ) and Francisco Carrillo (LD).

Sharks of La Guaira:

War warned did not kill soldier. The new sports manager, César Collins, when being presented to the media, stressed that he would be aggressive when making changes, and has shown enough aggressiveness to restructure the sharks.

After sending the emblematic Martínez and Cavanerio brothers to Aragua, on February 1 they signed Daniel Jiménez (J), on February 22 they sent Édgar Durán (IF) back to Bravos de Margarita for Dennis Ortega (C) .

This March 9, the guairistas make a multiple change again, this time with Águilas del Zulia. Sending Salvador Pérez (C), Carlos Herrera (IF) and Eudis Idrogo (LZ) for Eliéser Hernández (LD), Arlett Mavare (LD), Eleardo Cabrera (LD) and Ángel Aguilar (IF).

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Not satisfied with this, they agreed with Caribes de Anzoátegui the arrival of Oswaldo Cabrera (CC) in exchange for Julio Pinto (LD) and José Azocar (OF).

For more, they specify the signature of free agent Leobaldo Cabrera (J).

Zulia Eagles:

His first transaction was on February 3 when he added López, Tapia, Guillón and Carrillo from Aragua through Arteaga.

The second was given this Wednesday, the one that includes the name of the highest hierarchy among all the movements, by taking over “Salvy” Pérez, Herrera and Idrogo sending Hernández, Mavare, Cabrera and Aguilar to the cave on the right of the University Stadium.

Cardinals of Lara:

Along with Magellan, the red birds are the ones who have made the least noise in this rain of transactions, but they have not been oblivious to the matter.

On February 7 they leveraged the arrival at the nest of Adrián Almeida (LZ), from Bravos, who stayed with Leonel Aponte (LD), and on the 11th Giménez arrived through Peraza.

Caribs of Anzoátegui:

The team of the decade has been characterized by its aggressiveness in the market, a quality that they do not shed, returning to it this March 9, announcing the hiring of pitchers Rafael Marcano (LZ) and Gabriel Jaramillo (LD).

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In the same way, they reached an agreement with Caracas to reinforce their staff of gunmen with Torres, Padrón, Amaya and Rodríguez for the Arcias.

Quickly on this day, they agreed with the Sharks to keep Pinto and Azócar for Cabrera.

Braves of Margarita:

The islanders have between eyebrows and eyebrows they have achieved their first final and the scepter, for that they have made the movements with which they consider, improve their structure.

They added Aponte from Lara, Graterol from Caracas, Durán from La Guaira,

Likewise, they signed prospects Albert Millán (R), Rafael Marcano (R), Anthony Narváez (LD)

LVBP: what moved the most in the market

The need for pitching for the generality of the League falls into the A-1 priority category; precisely, the quota of negotiated pitchers form the bulk of all these movements.

So far, 19 pitchers have been traded, 12 infielders, 8 outfielders and 4 receivers, giving a total of 43 players, where the gunmen represent 44.2% of the changes.

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LVBP: 43 players traded so far for 2022/2023