LOUD AND CLEAR: No phone or house, Cuban player DROPPED team and BLAME the authorities

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Last december 30 we publish a note on our website on the loss of the Cienfuegos team with a view to the 61st edition of the National Series, the main pitcher in the province in recent years, the right Yasmany insua.

Alternating as starter and reliever in the first 12 years of his career in Cuba, the experienced pitcher born in the Cienfuegos municipality of Rodas consolidated himself by starting games in the last two seasons and contributed the not inconsiderable figure of 18 victories to the Elephants in that period. of time.

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However, as mentioned in the aforementioned note, Insua presented discrepancies with the baseball authorities in La Perla del Sur, in their intention to “solve any personal problem”, clearly related to his home, located on the outskirts of the municipality of Rhodes, so the player of 14 National Series played and the top pitcher of the team’s rotation, must constantly travel to the provincial capital to train and play the season.

“Insua caused withdrawal at his own request, there are no disciplinary issues or discrepancies with the board, only a personal problem that has not had a solution that made him make the decision to leave the sport,” the director of the Elephants, Alaín Álvarez, recently told the local press, words that did not reflect the true feelings of the athlete, as stated in the note from Complete Swing.

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However, with the main objective of clarifying everything that happened, Yasmany Insua himself offered statements on the subject, which were published in the Facebook Group of «THE ELEPHANTS OF CIENFUEGOS»

First, the veteran pitcher dedicated a few words to the former manager and player of Cienfuegos, Iday Abreu, who was in command of the Elephants for several seasons, with excellent results in the National Series.

“Very good coach, very good director and much better man,” said Insua. «He is a very intelligent person and dedicated to his work, capable of rebuilding baseball in Cienfuegos in a short time. We started playing like children and ended (the stage with Iday) doing it like great leagues, “he added.

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The experienced pitcher commented on the strengths and weaknesses of the Elephants in the last decade, emphasizing that, in his opinion, the team deserved to win a championship in Cuban baseball.

«It was an excellent team, a family. Luck, perhaps, did not accompany us, “said Insua, while making clear his opinion about the little value that was given to Iday Abreu himself in the province. «I think he still has a lot of experience to offer as a director and to support baseball in the province and in Cuba. They are things that we lose due to lack of attention, dedication and motivation.

Insua spoke in the interview about his participation with the Elephants in the last Series 60, mainly in the postseason, as well as his passage, as reinforcement, by the Cocodrilos de Matanzas, then led by Víctor Mesa, a team which felt very good with his teammates and the public following the team.

The veteran pitcher explained how he managed to become a “second-line” pitcher to a benchmark as a whole, the most successful of the Elephants in recent seasons, based on a lot of training, personal preparation, love and dedication to the ball.

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Asked about his dismissal from the Cienfuegos team and before the demand for an explanation from the fans of the team and followers of his work as a pitcher, Insua replied:

«I think that they should have taken me into account for many things, both the members of the Government and the Party and the Sports Directorate (in Cienfuegos). They all say different things. I know that there are going to be improvements for some of my colleagues, whom I congratulate, because they are like my family. But what hurts me is that they don’t take me into account for me to improve as well, because I live on the outskirts of Rhodes and I look for water from a well. Nobody has come to check the situation of my house.

Insua reaffirmed what Swing Completo commented in the aforementioned note, about the situation in which he lives and the remoteness, so he considers that he could be worthy of a home in a better place in the municipality of Rodas or, even, in the provincial capital .

“I asked for it … I don’t know if it’s something possible or impossible, but I couldn’t improve … neither for Rodas nor for Cienfuegos,” said the player, with clear signs of sadness and disappointment.

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According to Insua himself, he considers that it does not make sense to continue striving in the current conditions in which he lives and considering that, although he wins 20 games in the 61 Series, they will not have his services for the Cuba team either.

«Home is a motivation that an athlete in Cuba can have to continue playing baseball, to continue training and sacrificing for what they want and like. In life, apart from taste, everything must have a motivation, to get up every day with the desire to do, “said Insua.

“As they did not take me into account at all and did not think about how to improve my situation, I decided to leave the team. If the authorities do not take me into account at all, then I better not be here. Better I come to my house and I dedicate myself to train children “, he added.

«He who deserves does not ask. Thus, many talents that may be lacking in the Cienfuegos team are lost, as in the case of Yasiel Morales (who had a similar situation). The solution is to lose players on the team and then see what happens to the Elephants.

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According to the player, he raised the situation with the directors of the province, who answered yes, but that he should wait. But what am I going to wait for? How long? 10 years ago I asked for a phone to communicate with my grandmother and it never came. Everything is waiting and waiting … but it does not come. It is not necessary to give so many turns to the things, to only wait, “said the serpentinero.

“Unfortunately, the athlete and more a pitcher, like me, who have been throwing with pain, injured, with broken muscles, continue to throw. It is not up to you to pitch 20 series… If this year I start pitching in the National Series and my arm is injured, what do I do? If I’m fine, look at what situation I’m in, for not wanting to help me, then when my arm is injured, I’ll be worse. Why am I going to wait for that moment?

Insua made it clear that the leadership of the Cienfuegos team and its manager, Alaín Álvarez, have nothing to do with the situation, “but perhaps other people do and they don’t make the effort because one feels more comfortable in what is being done” .

In fact, the experienced Cienfuegos pitcher confessed that no province authority has approached him to ask for more details or try to support him to return to the team, despite being the main pitcher for the Elephants.

«No one has contacted me, only you to interview me. Nobody else has cared about me. The conclusion is that I am not needed in the team, “said Insua.

«I am not going to play with another province, because I am from Cienfuegos. Nor will I leave the country because when I had the opportunity and the conditions I did not, so now even less. Here I will be in Rodas, to finish my studies and join INDER, “he added.

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In the final stages of the interview, Insua thanked his family and the fans of the Cienfuegos team for their role.

«My family is supporting me in these difficult moments and they motivate me a lot, all very well with that. The fans have also cared about me, they have written to me and I thank everyone for being aware of my case. I apologize for not being able to give you the motivation that you wanted with my victories (to the Elephants in Series 61). Happy New Year everyone and many good things »

“What would have to happen for Insua to return to baseball?” The journalist asked the athlete and he replied:

«The first thing is to recover the motivation that is the one that I lost, the one that I do not have. With a little motivation and encouragement, I go back to baseball when I need to. I never stopped training in preparation. I took trips daily (from Rodas to Cienfuegos, round trip) because my grandmother was alone here, something for which I am grateful to Alaín (Álvarez, manager of the Elephants), but I never stopped training ».

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LOUD AND CLEAR: No phone or house, Cuban player DROPPED team and BLAME the authorities