Los Angeles Dodgers already offered an extension to Corey Seager

The Angels dodgers they know that Corey seager He gave that he wants to stay on the team, but every time they make him an offer he rejects them, either in an offseason or active in the MLB.

Seager and the Dodgers spoke of $ 250 million in April 2021, the same one he rejected.

That is where the question arises as to whether he is willing to take the same amount of money this winter or if the Dodgers are going to raise the offer, having a Trea Turner who has one season left on his contract with which they can also negotiate and He also plays for SS, Chris Taylor is a faithful answer in second if they can extend it.

The Dodgers are also believed to have considered a contract extension for Chris Taylor, but it is unclear if an offer was ever made. The 31-year-old utility vehicle has a strong market due to his above-average bat and his ability to play across the field.

If the Dodgers don’t re-sign Seager or Taylor, they could fill the gap at shortstop by sliding Trea Turner to her preferred position.

Seager has hit .297 / .367 / .504 with 164 doubles, 104 home runs and 364 RBIs in parts of seven seasons with the Dodgers. He tied Justin Turner for the franchise record with 13 career postseason home runs.

While it remains to be seen how free agency plays out, Seager previously expressed his desire to remain with the only organization he knows about. “Absolutely,” he responded when asked if there was interest in re-signing with the Dodgers.

“I grew up here, I’ve spent a lot of time here, I believe in what these guys do, I believe in how we do it. Absolutely.”

However, LA will explore all avenues to retain Seager and reportedly offered him a contract extension sometime during the 2021 season, via Jorge Castillo of the LA Times:

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Los Angeles Dodgers already offered an extension to Corey Seager