LOIDEL CHAPELLÍ: “Major League Baseball is supreme and we all like good things”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The young player from Camagüey Loidel Chapellí Jr. escaped on October 2 from the Cuba team that participated in the III Baseball World Cup, which was held in the state of Sonora, Mexico, won by the whole of Venezuela, while the Major of the Antilles was located in the fourth position.

Chapellí Jr., along with his countryman Yandy Yánez, they decided to leave the Cuban delegation under the command of manager Eriel Sánchez, becoming, at that time, the 10th and 11th players who decided to leave the team. Hours later, the gardener from Spiritus Geisel Cepeda put 12 the final figure of leaks as a whole, an absolute record.

The young Agramontino outfielder, with experience in two National Series, had an excellent season in the last 60th edition of the domestic classic, to the point of averaging an average of .317 (252-80), with 20 doubles, two triples and seven homers, in addition to towing 35 teammates to the plate and scoring 51 times, always located in the first innings of the Toros line up, led by Miguel Borroto. Chapellí Jr. He presented an excellent offensive line of .442 / .496 / .938 (OBP / SLU / OPS), to which the 50 tickets received in 74 games in which he participated contributed considerably.

From the very beginning of the contest, the son of the former first baseman from Camagüey, Loidel Chapellí Sr. and the nephew of the central patrolman Laidel Chapellí, began to stand out as a tree at the ready, obtaining the Most Valuable Player distinction of the first week of the tournament. A very high average of .722 (18-13) and line of .733 / .823 / 1.606 were enough numbers to win the prize.

“It was a great week and I think it is due to the great preparation I have been having. I prepared very well for that start of the season and things are going very well for me, “said Chapellí Jr. at that time.

Taking advantage of the good time of the young man back then, Full swing He approached his father, Chapellí Sr., to tell us his impressions of his son.

“It is a good idea that these prizes are awarded and it is the result of the work done before the start of the series,” confirmed the former Camagüey player, before describing all the types of exercises and skills that he included in the preparation of his offspring.

“He is a player who likes to train, play and prepare well, above all, enjoy what he does,” he added.

An interesting moment in the interview was when Chapellí Sr. was asked about MLB and his son’s chances of ever playing in the best baseball in the world.

«Major League Baseball is a supreme thing, it is like going to Hollywood, like the best of art or going to Puerto Rico to dance salsa. Of course I would like him to be in the Major Leagues, it is the goal of baseball, everyone likes to be in the good and considers the good with the presence of one too. Let’s see what happens … “, the former player said then, perhaps without knowing that just a year later his son would leave the Cuba team at the U23 World Cup in Mexico and take a first step towards professional baseball and, why not, to the MLB, because talent has plenty.

«To make an analysis of a player you have to start by looking at their weaknesses and height is one of them, which is difficult to become a strength, because it does not depend on you, that’s the way it is. But he’s fast, he has a good arm, above average and he’s a good fielder, “he added.

If you want to know more about the interview with Loidel Chapellí Sr. at his home in Camagüey, Jr.’s favorite player in Las Mayores and how he follows his example in terms of preparation and training, as well as interesting words expressed by the former first Agramontino base on the relationship he maintains with his brother Laidel, who has lived in Italy for many years, you should see the video that we leave you below and that is in our YouTube channel.