Legal analysis of the Luis Rengifo case

Actually the legal case raised against the Venezuelan player of the Los Angeles Angels Luis Rengifo has been talked about, so it is important to carry out the legal analysis of it.

As it is already news, an arrest warrant from a Venezuelan criminal court weighs on the Creole, for allegedly having incurred in a series of crimes, where he would have falsified the divorce documents with his wife to benefit from the sale of the assets that would have been been acquired during the marriage union.

The details of the crimes with which they accuse the Creole great league can be seen in the following link.

Public Ministry of Venezuela issues arrest warrant against Grandeliga Luis Rengifo

Regarding the case against Rengifo or anyone else, we must always appeal the presumption of innocence until we have a court decision indicating otherwise.

Then, the crime would have been carried out on the part of the Venezuelan bigleaguer against his wife, to benefit financially and in turn causing harm to his wife.

We must be that in Venezuela, marriage and divorce is governed by the Civil Code, unless minors are involved, then the Law to be applied is the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (LOPNNA).

According to the information contained in the Twitter of Sandino Ignacio Yaguare (@SYaguare), it can be seen that the alleged divorce would have been carried out in court with jurisdiction over minors.

However, Rengifo would have obtained that divorce decree, in order to have sold the assets that he had in community with his wife according to the complaint.

Otherwise, he requires by obligation the consent of his wife to carry out the sale or disposal of those goods, be it apartments, house, cars, boats, etc.

It remains to be seen how Rengifo’s father, sister, and lawyer would be involved, but if it is ultimately true that the wife never signed the divorce decree, she did not attend the hearing in the protection court (where the supposed divorce) to establish the regime of coexistence with the minor child, Rengifo’s world is upon him.

Obviously there would be an economic damage against the Venezuelan’s wife, if all these fraudulent activities were carried out and it is not so difficult to verify the facts, through the court file, the sales documents in the corresponding Registries.

What seems logical is that this case, if Luis Rengifo’s guilt is proven, it could be resolved through the economic part, which is ultimately where the wife was affected.

Although it is true that the Public Ministry is already involved, who is the head of the criminal action in Venezuela, it is no less true that there is a figure in the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure called a reparatory agreement, where perhaps the parties reach an agreement financially quite substantial for the spouse, but that depends on the circumstances of how the status of the case is.

I did not want to explain in depth the crimes that Rengifo is charged with, because they can change their qualification, they can be fewer or more crimes, but I did want to illustrate a bit what could have happened.

It is interesting what will be the position of the Angels of Los Angeles on this case, where so far they have not issued any comments.

Due to the type of crimes that are being imputed to the Creole, the figure of the administrative license does not apply, because we are not facing an act of domestic violence, sexual abuse and abuse of minors established in the policy that is governed by MLB, but You always have to be aware of any decision made in this case at the Major League level.