Lazo and Contreras RESPOND TO THEIR DETRACTORS: “If I see him on the street, I’ll throw the car on him”

By Migue Guerra

It is not the first time that we comment on José Ariel Contreras and Pedro Luis Lazo in Full swing, two of the most important figures in baseball from Pinar del Río and from all over Cuba. And how not to do it, if his exploits have transcended beyond the baseball field, showing very happy and affable personalities.

The Cuban fans have always expressed affection and respect for these enormous figures of our ball, however, as in many spheres of life, not everything is rosy, there are many people who were the origin of moral attacks against Pedro Luis Lazo and José Ariel Contreras, as well as others who simply never trusted the talent of the pitchers.

This was confirmed in the stellar night space by the “Complete Swing Show”, on February 19, 2021, in which, between laughter and reflections, as only they know how to do, they expressed their feelings regarding this type of people and adverse situations in their sports career.

These were some of the words of Pedro Luis Lazo:

“My case was the hardest of all, the one that threw me out; in ninety-six I go to the Olympics and beat the Americans in the last game, he says that I beat them because the Americans were useless, from then on I was dead. “

“I still beat the Americans and he says the Americans weren’t good enough. With me it is for pleasure, that guy can never talk to me again in his life and if I see him on the street and I can throw the car at him I throw it at him hahaha, it is not to kill him, but if it is raining, it is to get him wet clothes.”

On the other hand, José Ariel Contreras expressed:

“At the beginning in Pinar del Río it was hard, in truth it was not with me, but with my coach: Jesús Guerra, you know that people did not like me because he was telling the truth and at first they began to mess with me, thanks to God things started to turn out well and then people started taking that out. “

“Even at the beginning of my career I had to change the wind-up because there were people who told me that if I continued with the one I had, I would not get there.”

Find out what they said in the following video:

Here you can enjoy the full show:

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