LAST MINUTE: Yunior Tur DISAPPEARED, sources confirmed

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The outstanding pitcher from Santiago Yunior Tur, For many, the best closer pitching prospect in the Cuban National Baseball Series would have been missing for at least two days, as confirmed by Full swing different sources very reliable and close to the young serpentinero.

Despite the fact that, on the morning of this Wednesday, January 5, the baseball authorities in Santiago de Cuba made public the Wasps team that will participate in Series 61, payroll in which the speedy indomitable law appeared as one of its members, this editor was able to learn that the athlete did not attend the meeting called for this purpose and that it was held at the Sports Hotel of the eastern province, a fact that began to awaken the doubt about their situation.

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Aware of this, Complete Swing began to inquire into the details of the matter, even contacting the player himself, who has always been very kind to our call, but Yunior did not respond all day.

On social networks, rumors began to circulate about his departure from Cuba, a possibility that was always on the minds of fans of the Santiago team and of the pitcher’s own followers, due to the events that took place in 2021. around his person.

As is known, Tur was excluded from the Cuba team that participated in the III U23 Baseball World Cup based in the state of Sonora, Mexico, as well as from the national team at the I Junior Pan American Games held in Cali-Valle at the end of the year. .

According express the director of both teams, the former receiver from Espirituan Eriel Sánchez, both Tur and the also serpentine player from Camagüey Yosimar Cousín were not considered due to their discipline and patriotism, beyond their own sporting results.

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«I was able to read Eriel’s statements and they surprised me a lot. I really don’t know what happened, they haven’t given me any explanation. As far as I know, I have never committed any indiscipline, but they don’t want to take me to the national teams either », express Turned to this editor about the subject, last November, exclusively for Swing Completo.

“Nobody has called me to explain anything about it (…) Everyone knows that I should be there (in the Cuba Sub23 team) (…) I have no problems with anyone,” added the young pitcher.

It is also valid to note that in an interview conducted Ray Padilla, Sports Director of the Charros de Jalisco team of the Mexican winter circuit, confirmed the team’s interest in hiring Tur and Cousín, precisely, but the Cuban Federation had answered negatively because both athletes “were not available ».

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However, apparently, “the last straw came to fill the cup of Tur’s patience” and in the first days of this year 2022, “he decided to turn his sports career around,” a source close to Yunior, who has not responded to his cell phone for two days and his whereabouts have not been specified.

Some members of the Santiago team and the management body were contacted by this editor and could not give details about their situation. Even his own family, according to some sources consulted, do not know where Tur is at this moment.

Friends of the player and people close to the Santiago de Cuba team told our page that Tur had intentions to leave the country in the last days of 2021, but that the possibility had not been given, so they had the assumption that he had escaped of the country or, at least, would have tried.

However, two other sources close to the player assured that Yunior did try to leave Cuba, but was detained by the police authorities of the province or would be looking for his whereabouts on suspicion of escape. (Note here that, in the early hours of the morning of this Thursday, January 6, two sources approached a police unit in the city of Santiago de Cuba, capital of the province, but did not receive information about it).

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At the time of writing this note, there was still no clarity on the whereabouts of Yunior Tur, despite the fact that at least a score of people are in charge of obtaining information in this regard, fully ready to collaborate with Swing Completo. We will continue to follow up on the news to provide the precise and official details when the whole matter is cleared up.

From a sporting point of view, Yunior Tur left excellent numbers in the last 60th edition of the National Series, being the leader in saved games of the regular season with 14. In addition, he had a 3-1 balance, with an ERA of 2.11, a WHIP of 1.49 and a rival average of .232, striking out 45 batters and giving away 25 walks, all in 27 relieved games.

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LAST MINUTE: Yunior Tur DISAPPEARED, sources confirmed