LAST MINUTE: The Preselection of Industrials to Series 61 WAS FILTERED

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

For some strange reason that has not been revealed either, the preselection of Industriales with a view to the 61st edition of the National Series has been kept an eternal secret that even its most inveterate followers have not been able to reveal.

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The capital’s baseball authorities reported a few weeks ago that the long-awaited list would be made official but, without further information being disclosed, said announcement never happened and, when the year 2021 is almost over and we are a month and a half from the start of the Series 61, still the blue fans do not know the names of the shortlisted, from which the set of Industriales would come out in the coming season.

What is known is a series of ups and downs that have occurred in the group announced last June, when Series 61 was thought to start in August, a date that was moved due to the health situation that the Island experienced. Some returns of players who left Cuba looking for a professional signature and other incorporations of players from different provinces will try to alleviate the absence of other players who by retirement or leaving the country will no longer be with the Blues, in an attempt to achieve a national crown that they have not achieved for more than a decade.

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Today and in this order of information, the renowned Facebook page By La Goma leaked a possible preselection of Industriales to Series 61 “based on the athletes who are available after the last cut made by the blue high command in the past week”, an action required in order to inform the fans of the Havana team and due to the ” The driving force behind the baseball leadership in the capital (…) called secrecy ».

The group of 50 players published on the aforementioned page was obtained as a result of a meticulous compilation and that, in some way, allows Industriales fans to see what their possible representatives are in the next National Series. It is divided into 5 receivers, 14 infielders, eight outfielders and 22 pitchers, under the command of Guillermo Carmona, with Javier Gálvez, Alexander Malleta, José Elosegui, Lázaro Valle, Javier Drake and Wilber de Armas as main coaches.

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Without further ado, here I leave you with the possible preselection of Industrials to Series 61:

Receivers (4): Oscar Valdés, Bryan González, Lázaro Ponce and Julio César Pérez

Infielders (14): Yasiel Santoya, Andrés Hernández, Jorge Luis Barcelán, Yamil Rivalta, Jorge Enrique Alomá, Yosimar Quintana, Roberto Acevedo, Juan Carlos Torriente, Wilfredo Aroche, Walter Pacheco, Sandy Menocal, Ariel Hechavarría, Donnie Bouza and Frank Díaz

Gardeners (8): Alberto Calderón, Yosvani Peñalver, Yoasán Guillén, Dayron Blanco, Orestes Reyes, Jean Jeans Fernández, Yusniel Rosabal and Roque Tomás

Launchers (24): Pavel Hernández, Eddy Abel García, Marcos Ortega, Pedro Álvarez, Brandon Delgado, Maykel Taylor, Elder Nodal, David Mena, Julio Rodríguez, Carlos Cuesta, Raymond Figueredo, Remberto Barreto, David Estrada, Héctor Ponce, Erick Cristian González, Andy Vargas, Juan Xavier Peñalver, Yandy Molina, Fher Cejas, Silvano Hechevarría, Abraham González, Omar Riesgo, Luis Echazabal and Randy Perdomo

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In another publication by Por la Goma, the cases of two pitchers absent from the team, Frank Herrera and José Pablo Cuesta, were explained, the first for recovering from a Tommy John operation and the second for personal reasons.

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LAST MINUTE: The Preselection of Industrials to Series 61 WAS FILTERED