LAST MINUTE: Pedro Álvarez is forbidden to play with Industriales

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Finally, today, Monday, November 8, the case of Pedro Alvarez, a young prospect of the Cuban and Spirituan pitching, has come to an end. And to the discomfort of the pitcher and his followers, the fans of Sancti Spíritus and Industriales and even for lovers of Cuban baseball, the decision made is not the one that most favors the athlete, his development and the Cuban ball.

As reported on his Facebook profile by the sports journalist from Radio Sancti Spíritus, Oscar Castañeda Rodríguez, the request of the young right-hand pitcher from Spiritus, Pedro Álvarez, has been withheld for two years and, therefore, he will not be able to play with Industriales in the next edition 61 of the National Baseball Series.

«At a meeting held at the Provincial Baseball Commission in Sancti Spíritus at 8:40 in the morning of this November 8, 2021 with the presence of Laidali Santana Provincial Director of Sports, Angel Vidal Castillo Deputy Director of Sports Activities and Nelson Ventura Commissioner Provincial of Baseball announced the decision to retain Pedro Álvarez for 2 years the request of the athlete to play with Industriales ”, reported Castañeda Rodríguez.

“The Commission and the Provincial Federation together with the Directorate of INDER stated that they did not make the request in the prescribed time, they have not received an official request from the interested province and the variant of the regulation that says they can retain it for up to two years,” he added journalist.

Likewise, another prominent and active journalist from the Espirituan press, Elsa Ramos, echoed the news with a post on her Facebook profile.

«Pedro Álvarez Jiménez: Sancti Spíritus puts a red light on Pedro Álvarez Jiménez. Neither will he play with the Roosters, nor with the Lions. Directorate of INDER and Provincial Baseball Commission applies the regulations to him and he will be without playing for two years with the exception that he may be reduced by one year. NEWS UNDER CONSTRUCTION… ”, Ramos wrote.

Many are the comments that have been generated around this issue, in which adherence, perhaps, to strict compliance with regulations, procedures and office procedures, could limit the development of the sports career of an athlete in full power to shine.

It is a shame that decisions like this are made in the middle of 2021, as if the athletes were not free to decide with which team to play and with which not, as if they were owned by the directors of the Cuban ball, as if you were not free to make decisions …

If the athlete has problems with the management of the team, if he does not want to continue playing with the Roosters, if his intention is to belong to Industriales and there they want to receive him with open arms. Why not make an exception and satisfy the wishes of everyone, or almost everyone, and bring this matter to a successful conclusion? Could it be that someone is negatively influencing these decisions? We will know very soon …

It is regrettable, but it is already a fact. Pedro Alvarez He will not wear blue in Series 61… and perhaps, he will not play again in the National Series. Then come the lamentations, when our players decide to emigrate in search of their freedom.

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LAST MINUTE: Pedro Álvarez is forbidden to play with Industriales