LAST MINUTE: National Commission REDUCED SANCTION to players who violated regulations


Just a few days ago, we published on our website a Note on the sanction applied to the Industriales player Andrés Hernández and later ratified by the National Baseball Commissionalso including the baseball player from the capital who plays for the Roosters, Alexis Varona Núñez, both separated from their teams in the 61 Series for five games.

This measure has been highly debated on social networks and rejected by the vast majority of Cuban baseball fans, as well as by specialists who cover incidents of national sport, inside and outside the Island.

However, on the afternoon of this Saturday, February 19, the Cuban baseball authorities announced, through a publication on the JIT website, the reduction of the sanctions imposed on the aforementioned baseball players, once again evidencing that the pressure of social networks did not it is in vain.

We reproduce the press release below:


The National Baseball Commission informs that, after analyzing the requests of their respective teams and the attitude assumed by them, it has been decided that the sanctions applied to the players Alexis Varona Núñez, from Sancti Spíritus, and Andrés Hernández Díaz, remain in three games of suspension.

In this way, the initial range of the measure, which was five games, is reduced, which means that Varona Núñez can join as of today, and Hernández Díaz will be able to do so as of tomorrow.

We insist that both accepted the indiscipline committed, by relating to media not recognized by the event authorities, violating the provisions of the Disciplinary Regulations for the Competitive Baseball System, the code of ethics and the regulations discussed and approved by the members of all the teams registered in the current season.

National Baseball Commission

Havana, February 19, 2022

(With information taken from JIT)

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LAST MINUTE: National Commission REDUCED SANCTION to players who violated regulations