LAST MINUTE: Lisbán Correa will NOT play with INDUSTRIALES in the National Series 61

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

The sensation of last season, the capital Lisban Correa, who will take the home run, RBI, slugging and OPS lead in Series 60, will not be part of the Industrialists’ payroll in Series 61 after showing interest in doing so, but negotiations with the Cuban Federation were unsuccessful and the blue captain decided to request the withdrawal of the same, as reported by colleague Boris Luis Cabrera on his Facebook account.

In an interview conducted by the site Play-Off Magazine to Lisbán Correa’s wife, Zurelys Marichal, last September, several details came to light that surely ruined the officialization of Lisbán’s discharge, at least for the following season.

One of the fundamentals was that “El Billy” decided to stay in Mexico after finishing his performance with the Olmecas de Tabasco in the Mexican League, mainly to maintain his sports form and due to an offer that the Cuban received to play in Mexican baseball. from March until this winter, which he lost due to obstacles put up by the Cuban Federation itself.

The inflexibility when dealing with exceptional situations does not allow real progress, considering that one of the reasons why Correa and his wife wanted to remain in Aztec lands, in addition to the difficult epidemiological situation that plagued the island, was because They wanted to expand their family, but for this they needed several medical consultations and Mexico gave them that possibility.

Despite breaking the contract with the Federation, there was always the possibility of making him an independent one, since the athlete’s disposition was always present, to represent Industriales and even the Cuba team if he was called, but for now, that will not be possible .

This news, together with the declaration of the new National Baseball Commissioner Juan Reinaldo Pérez that only Cuban nationalized players can be called to the Cuba team, constitute true steps of retrogression for the development of this emblematic sport on the island, but that it is taking the greatest internal crisis in history, especially due to mismanagement and politicization in all senses, even in the press, when very few official voices were raised on Cuban television to extol the tremendous performances of Cubans during the recently completed Major League Baseball postseason.

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The truth is that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the future of baseball within Cuba looks less and less promising. As long as archaic and intransigent positions continue, it will be impossible to advance our national sport, which, paradoxically, was named Cultural Heritage when it is going through its worst moment internally; chance? I do not believe it. That’s all for now, we’ll see you next time.

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LAST MINUTE: Lisbán Correa will NOT play with INDUSTRIALES in the National Series 61