LAST MINUTE: Cuba announced pre-selection for the U-23 Baseball World Cup with 2 players outside the country

1628866731 LAST MINUTE Cuba announced pre selection for the U 23 Baseball World

August 13, 2021

The preselection should be reduced

By Full Swing /

According to the popular journalist Hernández Luján, the Cuban Baseball Federation has announced 24 players who are part of the sport’s preselection in the Under-23 category, for the World Cup to be played in Mexico, starting on September 23.

The team includes 15 players who were in the World Cup and 25 of these players meet the requirement for the Youth Pan American Games, in addition to the peculiarity that 2 players are not in Cuba at this time, since Loidel Chapelli is still in Mexico itself by contract and Pablo Guillén on a personal trip in Miami, where he actually chatted with Swing Completo.

The preselection should be reduced “tentatively” to 21 players and the final team would be divided into 3 receivers, 6 infield, 4 outfield, 11 pitchers could be the composition of the team


Andrys Pérez (Mtzas)

Iván Prieto (Great)

Loidel Rodríguez (SSP)

Jorge Rojas (PR)

Box Players

Guillermo Garcia (Gra)

Diasmany Palacio (SSP)

Miguel A. Glez (Great)

Rangel Ramos (May)

Rodoleixis Moreno (SSP)

Yandy Yáñez (Cmg)

Darling Jiménez (GRA)

Tony Guerra (Pr)


Luis É glez (CF)

Geisel Cepeda (Ssp)

Loidel Chapellí (Cmg)

Yuddiel Glez (CAV)

Yasiel Glez (Hol)

Reinaldo Lazaga (PR)


B Chi (Hab)

Jonathan Carbó (IJV)

Frank Á Álvarez (Pr)

Dariel Fdez (Pr)

Yeinel Zayas (Ijv)

Marlon Vega (May)

Alyanser Álvarez (May)

Mailon Cruz (May)

N. Cruz (Mtzas)

Jose Santos (Ssp)

Luis Dany Morales (SSP)

Yosvany Avalos (CAV)

Kelvin Rodríguez (Great)

Ubert Rdguez (Stgo)

Yandy Molina (Hab)

Direction team

Eriel Sánchez DT. (Ssp)

Rafael Muñoz coach 3rd. (Ssp)

Dioel Reyes coach 1st (Ijv)

Elizardo Guillén Ent Pitching (Stgo)

With information taken from Hernández Luján’s Facebook page