LAST MINUTE: Association of Cuban Players presented OFFICIAL APPLICATION for the 2024 Caribbean Series

“Two months ago, we presented the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players in Miami with the aim of giving a voice to the best Cuban baseball players, who, as free men, decided to carve out a future for themselves in professional sports”

“But at the same time, as a consequence of their decisions, they have had to face exclusion and discrimination by the government of Havana, which has prevented them from participating in the main international competitions, including the World Baseball Classic and the Caribbean Series. »

“Our objective is a claim for justice that has been denied to the best baseball players on the island in six decades, since professionalism was eliminated in Cuba in 1962 and sports, in general, and baseball, in particular, were used as a political propaganda flag»

“The ACPBP intends to give representation not only to those who play at the highest level of the United States Major Leagues, but also to all those who play in other professional circuits, such as Mexico, Japan, Korea or Taiwan, in a free and independent manner. of the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB)»

“It is about putting the best possible team on the field, a desire of Cuban fans inside and outside the island, tired of political manipulations and sports failures that have already passed for more than ten years”

“That is why we say that our team will wear on its uniform, instead of the name of Cuba, the CUBANS label, since it will be representing all our compatriots scattered throughout the planet, since 1959”

«We take advantage of the occasion of the Cuban Heritage Night at the Miami Marlins LoanDepot Park to present our formal request to be invited to the 2024 Caribbean Series»

“We are convinced that a team from the ACPBP will help enhance the competition, along with representatives from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Panama”

“We thank you in advance for your attention and reiterate our willingness to put together a team in accordance with the quality requirements of the Caribbean Series”

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LAST MINUTE: Association of Cuban Players presented OFFICIAL APPLICATION for the 2024 Caribbean Series