Lara explodes and stops Navegantes in the LVBP

VALENCIA, Venezuela – The Lara Cardinals deployed a 14-hit offense this Friday, en route to a 9-4 victory over the Navegantes del Magallanes, who saw their streak of 11 consecutive victories in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League halted.

Ildemaro Vargas was 2-for-5 with a home run and three RBIs, Jecksson Flores was 5-2 with a solo homer and two runs scored, while Carlos Rivero had three hits on an RBI to stand out in the winners’ attack. .

Máximo Castillo (1-1) scored the victory with a sharp relief of three blank episodes with two strikeouts, while the disaster went to the record of Gabriel Moya (0-1), punished with three scores and three hits in just one entry third.

In Maracay, Carlos Tocci capped a four-run attack in the second with a two-run RBI single, and the Aragua Tigres defeated the Águilas del Zulia 5-3.

Francisco Carrillo won (2-2) with an innings and a third without allowing runs, and lost César Jiménez (1-4), after conceding four touchdowns and eight hits in four innings and two thirds of work.

At Puerto La Cruz, Niuman Romero hit 1-for-1 with a home run and three RBIs, while Oswaldo Arcia drove in two touchdowns with a double to propel the Anzoátegui Caribs to a 6-5 victory over the La Guira Sharks. .

Rafael Pineda (1-0) scored the victory after covering six episodes throwing a four-hitter ball and one run, while the reverse went to the record of Ryan Flores (2-2), punished with five touchdowns and five hits in two innings and two thirds.

In Caracas, Carlos Perez was 4-2 with a double and three RBIs, while David Rodríguez hit a two-run homer in the eighth to reverse a deficit, and Margarita’s Braves defeated the Leones 6-5. from Caracas.

Iván Hernández (1-0) retired a blank inning to take the victory, while the setback went to the record of Jesús Zambrano (0-3), after allowing two touchdowns and two hits in one inning.

With the results of this day, Navegantes del Magallanes lead the circuit with a 19-8 mark, followed by Bravos de Margarita (16-11), Cardenales de Lara (15-12), Tigres de Aragua (15-13), Leones from Caracas (13-15), Sharks from La Guaira (11-17), Caribes from Anzoátegui (11-16) and Águilas from Zulia (10-18)


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Lara explodes and stops Navegantes in the LVBP