Kolten Wong not only “stole” Yadier Molina, but also the Nationals

Kolten wong saw a chance and took advantage of it, stealing a run and giving the Brewers a jolt of energy in a 9-6 win over the Nationals in the 2021 season. MLB.

In one of the Brewers’ best head-to-head base-running cases all season, Kolten wong managed to score from third base in foul in front of the Brewers bench.

The Nationals challenged a close play at the plate and lost, and the Brewers proceeded to turn it into a three-run fifth inning that brought the American Family Field crowd to life.

Kolten wong he was at third base after Christain Yelich greeted Washington reliever Gabe Klobosits with a single for his second RBI on a productive afternoon. That cut Milwaukee’s deficit to 3-2 for Brewers catcher Omar Narvaez, who fouled on a 0-2 count to foul ground on the first base side of the infield. Klobosits, catcher Tres Barrera and first baseman Ryan Zimmerman converged, and Zimmerman made the catch 54 feet from home plate, according to a Statcast projection. Meanwhile, Wong noticed that home plate was just wide open. So he took off and glided home just as Zimmerman dived head first in an attempt to score. He was close, but Zimmerman only managed to touch Wong’s back leg, and Wong was safe on the play.

“Omar told me that he is going to bring me a bottle of whatever he wants. I appreciate it… I’m just trying to turn on the equipment. That road trip cost us a lot; It was a long hard road trip. We went back to the smoke a bit. I just try to be aggressive and take advantage of situations, “he said. Kolten wong.

“It’s an exciting play… It’s just a great instinctive baseball play. Attention, reading the situation, without giving up. Plays like this are energizing for everyone, ”said Brewers manager Craig Counsell.

“It also took me by surprise… I was watching everyone catch the fly ball. The furthest thing from my mind was that he got into third place and tried to score, ”said Christian Yelich, who hit two home runs in the game and drove in six runs.

After the play of Kolten wong, the Brewers took a 4-3 lead in the inning before the Nationals came back to tie it for the top of the sixth on a solo home run by Yadiel Hernandez. Milwaukee eventually won the game with a five-run eighth inning that included a Yelich grand slam.

“I want to take a risk and be aggressive right there… If it works, it would ignite the team. If not, at least they knew that I was doing something with the correct cause ”, he closed Kolten wong.

With information and video of MLB.com (Adam McCalvy).

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