Kapler refuses to hear national anthem on the field

CINCINNATI — Gabe Kapler, manager of the San Francisco Giants, announced Friday that he will refuse to go on the field to listen to the national anthem, as a protest against the political direction of the country after the massacre that occurred this week at a Texas elementary school. .

“I’m not going to go out for the anthem going forward until I feel better about leading our country,” Kapler said before Game 1 of the series against the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati. “I don’t necessarily expect this to be decisive for anything. I just believe enough that this step needs to be taken.”

Kapler said he needs more time to consider specific actions he would suggest to prevent similar tragedies, including stronger gun control laws.

The pilot recounted that, on the day of the murders at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, “I knew that my mind was not in the best possible condition and I realized that it was in relation to some of the hypocrisies related to the national anthem. and with the way in which they coincided with the minute of silence that was kept and with a couple of things that, in my opinion, were not coherent”.

“But I couldn’t make sense of this at the time. It took me a couple of days to get my thoughts in order,” she added.

On Friday morning, Kapler used her personal blog to discuss the murder of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde.

Through a text titled “Home of the Brave” –a verse from the national anthem–, Kapler said: “We elect our politicians to represent our interests. Immediately after this massacre, we were told that we needed locked doors and armed teachers.”

“They have offered us reflections and prayers. We have been told that this could be worse and that we only need love.

“But we were not offered courage and we are not free… We are not free when politicians decide that lobbyists and gun industries are more important than the freedom of our children to go to school without armored backpacks or backpacks. simulations of an active attacker”.

Kapler continued, “Every time I put my hand over my heart and take off my cap, I’m participating in a self-congratulatory glorification of the only country where these shooting sprees occur. On Wednesday, I went out on the field, heard the announcement that we would honor Uvalde’s victims. I bowed my head. I stood up for the national anthem. Metallica played the chords, with guitars (which had the design of the City Connect uniforms).

“My brain told me, ‘Get down on one knee.’ My body did not listen. I wanted to go back inside. Instead I froze. I felt like a coward. I didn’t want to attract attention. I didn’t want to take anything away from the victims or their families.

“But I’m not okay with the situation in this country. I wish not to allow my discomfort to compromise my integrity. I want to show what I learned from my father: that when you are dissatisfied with your country you should make it known through protest.”

Kapler has protested before during the national anthem. In July 2020, before the coronavirus-shortened 60-game season began, he joined outfielder Jaylin Davis to take a knee before a preseason game against the Oakland Athletics.

Davis was then protesting against police abuse and racial inequality.

Kapler’s latest comments came a day after the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays took to social media to spread the word about how gun violence disrupts American lives.

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Kapler refuses to hear national anthem on the field