Juan Soto indicates that difference with Tigres del Licey has kept him out of the Dominican winter ball

The player spoke about the possibility of participating in the future together with the blue team in the LIDOM championship

Fernando Tatis Jr. He has played several times with the Oriental Stars in the Dominican winter ball. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has done the same with Lions of the Chosenjust like who for three years was the number one prospect of the Big leagues, Wander Francowho played with Cibao Giants and with him Selected in LIDOM.

Watching some of Major League Baseball’s biggest young stars play, many fans of the Licey Tigers They have been waiting for who is considered the best hitter today, John Soto. The team chose Soto at LIDOM Rookie Draft of 2017, in the fifth overall selection, behind Tatis Jr., Jesus Sanchez, warrior jr. Y Leody Taveras.

However, from 2017 to date, Soto He has become one of the best-priced players in MLB, being the first projected to a contract that exceeds 500 million dollars. With the quality of him as a player, it’s hard to see a reason why, before becoming the player he is today, he didn’t play with Licey Tigers.

The player himself responded to the situation, indicating that there was an impasse between his family and the blue team, which has kept him out of the Dominican ball.

“At the beginning, my team (Nationals) has not left me because since last year they have been denied. Until now I have tried to find a way, but I haven’t pushed that hard either because we also had a small problem with the Tigres del Licey, but thank God we have talked,” Soto told journalist Nathanael Pérez of Diario Libre.

Reports of the situation between the family Soto and the Licey They establish that the problem occurred in a game at the Quisqueya Stadium, under the previous management of the Tigres. The current manager of the team, Audio Vincentapologized to Soto and his family publicly on behalf of the organization, despite not having all the information on the situation (as he indicated in an interview with another media outlet several months ago).

The journalist from ESPN, Enrique Rojasindicated at the beginning of December of last year that there was no communication between the player and the Dominican team, while, at the time, Soto said that he Licey he had not approached to contemplate the possibility of playing, while Vicente later denied that this was the case.

Regardless of the current situation, Soto did not close the doors to the possibility of playing winter ball with the tigers, with the situation already resolved. However, now it remains to be asked if with the type of price it has at the moment, the Nationals (or whatever team he eventually gets to) will decide to give him permission to play on LIDOM.

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Juan Soto indicates that difference with Tigres del Licey has kept him out of the Dominican winter ball