José Siri debuted in the best way as a leadoff hitter in the majors

The Dominican of the Astros from Houston, Jose Siri, continues giving what to talk about in the Major League Baseball – MLB and this monday he connected his room home run year and the first as leadoff in the best baseball in the world.

Through the Astros vs Angels game, José Siri was lined up as leadoff hitter like Dusty Baker and started the same in the best way, hitting a huge home run to reach four on his account this Major League Baseball season, the season where he is making his debut. as a professional.

Without waiting long and on the third pitch from Jaime Barría of the Angels, Siri homered for the second day in a row and continues to have a great offensive present since he debuted with the Astros in this MLB season, meaning that hit his tenth hit as a professional baseball player. in the best baseball in the world.

Here’s the home run:

The 26-year-old Dominican is really on fire with the Astros and without a doubt they were right today by putting him as the leadoff hitter against the Angels, as he got his first lead-off homer in the MLB, this being a huge slam through Angel’s left field. Stadium, opening the marking 1-0 and where he continues to fill himself with confidence in the face of more playing time.

Who suffered it?

Jaime Barría decided as the third pitch of the night to throw a four-seam fastball at 92 miles per hour, but to his bad luck, José Siri saw it in a big way and 109.4 miles he took it deep into the LF and reached 426 feet of distance, proof that he has great power and that in 12 games in the MLB he has made it present to his rivals.

The Astros undoubtedly raised the Dominican from Sabana Grande de Boya at the right time and he has not disappointed, since by force home runs he can already enjoy starts in the MLB.

Their numbers

He has 10 hits in 22 at-bats, four home runs, eight RBIs, the same number of runs, three stolen bases and an enviable .455 average.