Johneshwy Fargas, a fan favorite, returns to Mets

Puerto Rican Johneshwy Fargas has confirmed with a message his return to the New York Metropolitans, one of the most anticipated comebacks by Mets fans (if reactions are to be paid attention to).

Between joke and joke, Johneshwy Fargas was one of the players that fans most asked for back with the Mets. Pampered by the public, Fargas is remembered for that spectacular catch in the Mets’ outfield against the Marlins in May 2022 and which now adorns the cover of the Puerto Rican’s official tweet.

Little is known about his return now. Only he’s back and we’ll see him at spring training for the Mets minors. And that NY fans love him if we judge by the number of messages that his official announcement on Twitter has received:

So for the sake of all those fans, we hope that Fargas applies and we see him back in the MLB.

Here we remember him in the last Caribbean Series with a spectacular catch in the gardens of the Criollos de Caguas:

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Johneshwy Fargas, a fan favorite, returns to Mets