Joey Gallo plays Caribbean with the Yankees as his friend Rougned Odor

The gardener of the Yankees from New York, Joey gallo, shows that it also “plays the Caribbean” in the Major League Baseball – MLB, leaving it in evidence when in a surprising way touched the ball against the Minnesota Twins on Monday’s afternoon game of the season 2021.

Through the Yankees vs Twins game, Joey Gallo showed his mischief and by applying the game of the “Caribbean ball” he contributed to the cause of his team, touching the ball at the first pitch of his second turn in the afternoon and where he shows that he is sure He has seen his partner and friend Rougned Odor, who this Major League season has given us plays like that.

The closing of the fifth inning was being played and Gallo surprised Caleb Thielbar, because on the first pitch he made, he touched the ball and reached first base safely, thus achieving the first hit of the Yankees this afternoon of Monday in the MLB and with which they broke the no-hitter that the Twins had in this aforementioned ball game.

Here the video:

The now Yankees outfielder shared several years with Odor in the Rangers, where they have shown a great relationship and so much so, that it turns out that one plays like the other, where they are copied and that touch of mischief that is needed in baseball is They give it to the “Bronx Mules” in this 201 Major League season.

Joey Gallo yesterday against the Mets got just his second sacrifice fly in seven years in the MLB and today like a true Latino, he plays the Caribbean with a bunt to the Meliizos to reach 88 hits in this 2021 season.

In addition, this should fill this Yankees player with confidence, because offensively he is not living the best moment, where he even leads all the Major Leagues in strikeouts received with a total of 193.

Gallo is hitting .197 with 88 hits, 32 homers, 70 RBIs and 78 runs.