Javier Báez does everything proving that he is not worth 180 million

The boricua Javier Baez of the Mets of New York is making it clear why he did not choose that offer of 180 million that the Chicago Cubs made him in the MLB.

Without a doubt that Javier Báez who made bad swings and made many mistakes disappeared in September; He has had one of the best stages of his career both offensively and defensively in the MLB.

Javier Baez in his last 30 games he is hitting 361. with 7 homers, 17 RBIs, 10 BBs and 39 hits. On the other hand, in the doubleheader on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Báez completely showed off making key plays against the Marlins:

With the 2021 season coming to a close, Baez will become a free agent this winter, and the Mets may not let him out the door.

In fact, Baez made it pretty clear that he’s also willing to stay in New York for the long haul.

“When I was in Chicago I never thought they were going to change me. I never thought I was with another organization, ”said Báez. “And after I came here, things have been different, but at the same time good.

“I feel like I needed this to get to know myself a little more and work a little harder.”

An additional aspect that has helped Baez feel more comfortable in his new situation comes from the close friendship he has with his double-game partner, Francisco Lindor.

“Obviously, Frankie wants me to stay,” Baez said. “He wants to make sure they make an offer if possible, and see what happens in the offseason.”

According to Báez, Lindor has been pushing for him to stay. Lindor and Mets owner Steve Cohen have built a close relationship and it’s no secret at this point that Lindor has his ear. He also played a role in getting the Mets to trade for Baez initially on the deadline as well.

Baez is one of a host of talented free agent shortstop on the market this winter. And like he said earlier, he will only consider signing somewhere to play second base if it means he can play alongside Lindor.

Well, this dream has been a reality since Lindor returned from IL in late August. And with Baez’s decision looming, this short-term partnership has the potential to evolve into a long-term relationship, as Lindor’s 10-year, $ 341 million contract will begin next season.

“I think Lindor and I are closer than KB [Kris Bryant] and [Anthony] Rizzo, ”Baez said of his two former Cubs teammates. “It is something really special here. … I would love to stay here and play with [Lindor] “.

Having Baez and Lindor gives the Mets one of the best middle infields in baseball. And Baez certainly believes they are number one in the game.

“And we haven’t been playing very well as a midfielder; We can do much better, ”added Báez. “But we have been here like two months. If it’s going to be a whole year, or 10 years. obviously we’re going to get those settings to click and be [sincronizados] “.