Javier Báez and Francisco Lindor apologize to Mets fans

Puerto Rican players Javier Báez and Francisco Lindor apologized for the gestures and comments they made to New York Mets fans last Sunday.

Baez pointed down with his thumbs to express his disagreement with the boos directed at the Mets players, including Francisco Lindor from Puerto Rico, who has had a low-average season.

After rolling the anthill, Báez addressed the situation today to questions from journalists.

This is something I have done in the past against the other team. I did it in Los Angeles to the bank. I could (have) said something wrong about how I was booing the fans, and I really wanted to (say) like, “Boo now” – and not the fans.. I’ve never seen the same fans and I didn’t say fans are bad. I love the fans. But I felt like we were alone. The fans obviously want us to win and pay our salary as everyone says. But we also want to win. The frustration came to us and I did not want to offend anyone and, if I offended someone, I apologize“, Held.

Baez added that “he is not surprised” by the mess that formed on social media. He assures that he understands the frustration that fans can have towards the initial comments, adding that “other comments for my comment have been crazy.”

The Mets season is not over. They still have a month of games left on the schedule and they may be able to set the course to qualify even for the wild card. The ninth is 6.5 games behind the San Diego Padres for the second National League wildcard.

Lindor also raised the issue when it was approached by journalists.

Similar to Baez, he apologized to fans he may have offended and thanked those he did not thank before for being understanding.

Today the Mets have two games on the agenda against the Miami Marlins.