Is it going, is it going …? Luke Voit increasingly away from the Yankees

It seems inevitable but between Luke Voit and the Yankees an insurmountable distance has grown that, according to analysts and fans, will surely end with the departure of the 1st baseman to free agency and his signing with some other team of Major League Baseball.

A year ago, Voit he was turned into one of the surprise players of the short season. Just when the Yankees needed him most, with Judge and Stanton injured, Voit found his rhythm and became the season’s top home runner with 22 home runs (remember, he was short).

But that is behind us. This 2021 Voit has barely lined up 67 games as a starter, with 11 home runs (half of last year) and after the arrival of Anthony Rizzo to the Bronx starting lineup just in the middle of the season, it seems that any possibility of seeing Voit has been ruled out. next year in the striped uniform.

What will Voit’s fate be if he leaves the Yankees?

Obviously the outlook is uncertain, but we can anticipate that a short firm may try to “reprize” its value after a not so good year in the Bronx.

Especially on defense, where several mistakes probably cost him the starting position and instead Rizzo’s lineup. Let’s remember that just a few days ago, in the most important series of the year, Voit lined up exactly 0 minutes against the Red Sox.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

Now, Voit could also try a long signing relying on the fame of his bat, however it would be for a low price and with a restructuring team in search of solid bats. Voit certainly is… only at some point did the Yankees stop trusting him and, it seems, he, too, in himself.