INSURED $ 25,000: Osvel Caballero was superior in his quarterfinal fight

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The Mayan boxer Osvel knight (48-19) weighing 57 kg, closed today the young Mexican boxer Miguel Vega Barreras (3-4) and secured a spot among the four medalists in his division at this World Boxing Championship. In addition, he guaranteed a minimum prize money of $ 25,000 reserved for the third-place occupants at home weight, an amount that could continue to increase in future fights.

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Caballero is one of the Cuban boxers who has performed the best in the contest and in the first round of the fight against the Aztec, he demonstrated his superiority, attacking all the time and looking for his rival in the three distances, with which four of all five judges saw him win that round.

However, in the second round, Vega began to gain prominence on the ring and the Cuban hesitated at times to initiate the actions, maintaining a very defensive posture or, perhaps, taking a breath for what was ahead. Although the Cuban closed the segment better, three referees saw the Mexican beat the Cuban by two, causing that at the end of the intermediate round, four referees had even cards of 19-19 and only one 20-18 for Caballero.

Then everything was ready for the final round. Both fighters came out for the victory and staged a very even assault, but the Cuban was again the same as in his previous presentations and took the victory without objection and by unanimous decision of 5 × 0, with five identical 29-28 ballots.

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In this way, Caballero won for the fourth time on the ring of the Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia and gave Cuba the third bronze medal already guaranteed, which equals the total achieved in the previous event in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 2019 .

In addition, Cuba already accumulates a balance of 18-3 in the tournament, after the Camagüey lost today Kevin Brown (68-23) in the 67 kg and beat the also agramontino Yoenlis Hernandez (41-12) of the 75 kg and the pinero Herich ruiz (12-10) of the 86 kg, securing the tanned metal.

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Osvel Caballero will return to the ring this Thursday, November 2, for his pass to the final of his division and for guaranteeing a greater economic prize, amounting to 50 thousand dollars. Your opponent will be the Kazakh Serik Temirzhanov (28-15) who came out easily in his last fight and can be a difficult opponent for the Cuban.

Without further ado, here I leave you with the fight of Osvel Caballero (57 kg) in the quarterfinals. Full swing will continue to give full coverage to the results of Cuban boxers in this event and all the information you can find in this link

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INSURED $ 25,000: Osvel Caballero was superior in his quarterfinal fight