Industriales MAD the Latino, Villa Clara humiliated Toros, Indians and Pirates also won. Summary 61 National Series

By Lucas Leon

The second private series of the 61st National Baseball Series began and the teams from Villa Clara, Havana, Guantánamo and La Isla left through the wide door.

The public returns to the Latino and Granma suffered it

In the Coloso del Cerro the top winners of Cuban baseball faced each other; Industrialists, against the current champions; The Alazanes of the East of the country. The pitching duel was starred by Erick Christian González and César García. The starter for Los Leones had a good afternoon that was only marred by a fourth inning where he allowed 2 runs that represented the tie from Granma, after a solo home run by Andrés Hernández and an RBI by Sandy Williams Menocal in the second inning put Guillermo Carmona’s troops ahead.

González finished his performance in the fifth frame and left the game down three runs for two for the Blues. Andy Vargas relieved him on the mound and finished that inning without complications. The relief pitching of Industriales was key for Los Leones to get their claws out in the eighth inning and hang 6 runs on the Latino board.

Two consecutive hits by Dayron Blanco and Alberto Calderón were the prelude to the immense blue rally in this inning. Captain Juan Carlos Torriente sacrificed himself perfectly to advance the runners to the second and third pads and the one who should be the star of La Industria in the season responded with an indisputable left for Blanco to score. Carlos Santana tried to stop the Leon offensive but his efforts came to nothing. The fourth batter and first baseman turned Matanzas Yasiel Santoya received a walk and the bases were loaded. Then shortstop Alomá hit a ground ball that served to force Santoya at second, but a bad throw by Carlos Benítez at first allowed Calderón and Peñalver to reach home plate.

This was not all and after Andres Hernández received walks, catcher Oscar Valdés drove in two more runs after an undisputed one that put the final eight to four for the Leones. Juan Xavier Peñalver saved the game after closing the game and the victory went to Raymond Figueredo, while Miguel Paralelo lost the match, which was defined with 8 by 4 marker.

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Villa Clara thrashed Camagüey and got its first win of the campaign

After losing two consecutive days against Mayabeque, Los Leopardos found the path to victory with a wide score of 10 races to 2 and in style, by beating the Bulls on their premises at Agusto Cesar Sandino.

The sugar bowls began to grind in the third inning with a triple by Yeniet Pérez to bring Yurien Vizcaíno and Reidel Pedraza to the rubber. In the fifth the Camagüeyan starting pitcher exploded; Lisander Hernández, after Pedraza doubled in the third of the game. Pérez returned to produce with a double. The next two runs of the inning were thanks to the lack of control of Camagüey’s relief pitchers who allowed two runs on walks.

Immediately in the top of the sixth Los Toros tried to come back from the lead, but only managed to tie two runs. Leslie Anderson brought two teammates to the plate after a double. Alexander Ayala was caught at home trying to score. Yosbel Pérez strikes out and that’s where the Camagüeyan races died. The lucky inning; the seventh, it was like that for the oranges. Pedraza returned to produce for his team and with a three-run triple put the final ten to two in the game, after Juan Carlos López scored by an error.

The victory went to the account of starter Alaín Sánchez and once again put the starting staff of Las Villas on a high. Six complete innings and just two earned runs was a great start to the season for the experienced pitcher.

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Pirates subdued Cubs

The island team came out victorious against the team from Holguín nine races to three and got their first victory in the standings. This was mainly due to a cluster of 7 touchdowns in the top of the third that meant the end of the opposing starter’s performance; Emmanuel Chapman. Laidel Andrés Aguila was the main man of this inning, and of the game, hitting a triple to right field to bring two touchdowns to the rubber. Jander Santamaría also stood out with a complete return stick.

The triumph, with a final board from 9 to 6, Lázaro Guerrero took it and the defeat fell to pitcher Emanuel Chapman. Franklin Aballe stood out for the puppies who hit three twos with two RBIs. Kendrys Hernández was the closer for La Isla and scored his first save of the 61st National Series.

Guantánamo took its first win of the season

After in the first sub series he received a brush from the hand of Granma. The Indios del Guaso reversed the losing dynamic and triumphed against Los Cazadores de Artemisa five runs for three.

A two-run three-run by mask Yasmany Velázquez in the second inning and two defensive errors by Artemisa in the lucky episode were enough for Guantánamo to win the game against the Artemiseños. They tried to turn the score in their favor in the last innings, but the Guantanamo reliever held on and only allowed three lines. In addition to the fact that in the last opportunity for the Orientals to make races, they put a final blow to the aspirations of the White and Reds.

The triumph went to the account of the young Alexander Valiente and the defeat for Geonel Gutiérrez. Frank Navarro scored his first save.

In other results, Santiago was better than Pinar 5-0, Hurricanes maintained their unbeaten record by submitting Gallos 8-2, Elefantes thrashed the Leñadores 12-9 and Ciego submitted Matanzas 5-3 at the Crocodiles.

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Industriales MAD the Latino, Villa Clara humiliated Toros, Indians and Pirates also won. Summary 61 National Series