INDUSTRIAL ATTENTION: Repatriated will return to Cuba and could fight to be the first pitcher of the team

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Although the panorama of Industriales is quite complex due to the casualties plus the uncertainty with other important players, recently they have received favorable news that gives back some of the hope to their millionaire fans.

To the good news of the return of a talented player like Ariel Hechevarría and the still latent possibility of the presence of Lisbán Correa and Pedro Álvarez, we now add the interest of a pitcher who emigrated a few years ago and now wants to return to pitcher with him. team of his life.

It is about the 30-year-old right-hander Maikel Taylor, who, although he only pitched one game, already had the possibility of returning to Cuban baseball since last season. Much debated on social networks was his case precisely from the long delay in his repatriation process, a situation for which he could not join before the start of the semifinal against Granma.

Some hopes were pinned on Taylor to strengthen the Blues’ staff based on his experience in some professional leagues along with his actual conditions, including his speed well above the average for the country.

However, several factors affected him in that opening against the Alazanes that prevented a happy return to his team. And it is precisely that thorn of the playoff and the elimination of the capital citizens the main reason for having its objective set in maintaining its willingness to wear the Industriales uniform from next January 22.

This was confirmed to us in a dialogue that we had the day before with him, who has just finished his participation in an independent league in Austin, Texas.

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Although residing outside of Cuba for several years, Taylor has maintained her family ties to her home country. Even these have increased in recent times with the birth of your child eight months ago.

Maikel Taylor’s career has been more difficult than many imagine from a distance. After shining in the minor categories, he had the chance to have a leading role at the top level with the Industriales de Lázaro Vargas (2012-13 to 2014-15). And during his stay in the blue ship there were several factors that limited his talent to explode at high altitude (balance of 2-4). Later, he decided to try his luck outside the island and sign a professional contract in the United States without luck being on his side either. At that stage he had work in professional leagues such as Colombia and the northern circuit of Coahuila, Mexico.

Many of these problems were commented on by the athlete himself in the SwingCompleto show, where he also explained everything concerning the delay in his repatriation process, the new experience with Industriales and the occasional misunderstanding at the end of the 2020 baseball campaign- twenty-one.

But it is precisely in function of just demonstrating his potential that the charismatic monticulista is thinking about the upcoming National Series at a time where Industriales needs even much more of his presence compared to the previous fight.

It is worth remembering that the Carmona pitching body, which was not very deep in itself, has now suffered much more with the absences of the stars Brian Chi and Andy Rodríguez.

The instability of the starters of the Havana team plus the talent of Taylor could be two elements when considering this as a possible first pitcher in the rotation. Of course, if Pedro Álvarez is finally transferred by Sancti Spíritus, the story could be different and the progression of Pavel Hernández, also right, cannot be ignored.

Anyway, that is the least important for Maikel and for his team. The essence is that his reinstatement is effective from the same training sessions and then that he can contribute enough to his team and thus avoid a mediocre result for the Lions.

Mas Industriales has other novelties in its group of pitchers, so the outlook is not completely dramatic. In addition to the very likely presence of Taylor, we should add the return of relievers Raymond Figueredo (he was abroad) and David Mena (Matanzas closer) and the experience in professional leagues of Eddy Abel García, José Pablo Cuesta, Héctor Ponce and Mena himself, who must now fulfill the role left vacant by emigrant Andy Rodríguez.