In the middle of the National Baseball Series, another Cuban baseball player escapes to the Dominican Republic

Pitcher Julio César Preval, from the Guantanamo team Indios del Guaso, has joined the long list of players who have fled from Cuba. According to the specialized journalist Francys Romero, “Guantánamo’s natural law is in the Dominican Republic.”

Preval joined the long list of abandonment of the Island, among them, that of the gardener Dariel Polledo Aballíwho, after leaving Villa Clara, reappeared in the US. On January 6, one day after Polledo’s departure was announced, it was confirmed in Camagüey that the left-handed outfielder Leonel Segura He had left Cuba for Venezuela.

Other recent escapes that hit Cuban baseball the most were those of athletes Yunior Tur and Yosimar Cousinwho were excluded from the U-23 team by manager Eriel Sánchez and they were prevented from being hired by the Mexican team Charros.

In the Dominican Republic there is also José Ramón Alfonso Jr., son of José Ramón Alfonso and brother of Edgar Brian, who in June 2021 signed with the American ninth from Los Angeles for an initial bonus of $200,000.

“The lanky 6’2 pitcher has a fastball between 92-93 miles”, points out Francys Romero. “He can shoot from various angles”

With an earned run average of 8.18, Preval, as published Play-Off Magazinemaintained an average of 1.86, regarding bases on balls and hits by innings thrown. “The lanky 6’2 pitcher has a 92-93 mile fastball,” Romero points out. “He can throw from various angles and with the increase in strength and mechanics I would be increasing his speed and command as well.”

One of the possible reasons why the Guantanamo decided to emigrate was the few opportunities he had had in the team. Trainer Marcos Fonseca leaned over the 25-year-old prospect for Enyer Fernández Favier, Alexander Valiente, Daniel Blanco and Pablo Salgado.

The young baseball player left the Island, where he pitched in three National Series with Guantánamo and was also part of the eastern team in the last U-23 National Series.

This Monday it was also announced that six Cuban prospects were declared free agents by the MLB Commissioner’s Office, shares Francys Romero on FR Baseball: “Yordis Perera (19 years old) Santiago de Cuba, Samuell Sánchez (16 years old) Havana, Jan Carlos Hechavarría (18 years old) Havana, Ardel Quintana (19 years old) Cienfuegos, Manuel Fernández (18 years old) Cienfuegos and Luis Rubén Leyva (19 years old) Santiago de Cuba”.

The communicator specifies that of these players, “Perera and Fernández are eligible to sign from February 28, while the other four players will have to wait until March 14.”


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In the middle of the National Baseball Series, another Cuban baseball player escapes to the Dominican Republic