IN QUARANTINE: Team isolated by positive case in Baseball World Cup

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, September 22, at two in the afternoon, Cuba and Eastern United States time, the press conference of Group A of the III U23 Baseball World Cup, in which some of the managers of the different teams that make up that section of the tournament participated, in which Cuba, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, the Dominican Republic, Germany and the Czech Republic appear.

In said virtual meeting, which was attended Full swing, the director of the Cuba team, Eriel Sánchez, could not participate because he was still on the bus that transported the group from Mexico City to Ciudad Obregón, in the state of Sonora, in a journey of about 17 hours. The directors from Taipei and the Dominican Republic did not attend either.

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In this way, the three directors present spoke for about 30 minutes with the journalists and organizers, answering the questions that were asked. Asked about the preparation and physical form of his team, the manager of Germany, Steve Janssen, expressed:

“We had three tournaments in a row, with three different teams, so it was very difficult to prepare for this tournament. 40% of the team we have played in the European Championship and the other part comes directly from Germany, with quite limited possibilities in terms of preparation “

Likewise, the helmsman of the Teutonic team revealed a difficult situation that exists on the campus, due to the fact that one of its members was positive in the rigorous medical examination that is carried out on all participants in the event.

“When we came (to Mexico), we had one of our players who came out positive. We are in quarantine at the hotel and we will not be able to do our two-day training sessions before the event. Fortunately, we all came out negative in the PCR test that was carried out yesterday, which is very favorable. They just gave us another test a while ago and let’s hope everything is good, in order to be on the field tomorrow ”.

We will keep abreast of the evolution of this problem that occurs in the World Cup and we hope that it does not result in greater evils that could take the German team out of the competition or even affect other teams that share the land or accommodation with them.

Germany will debut this Thursday 23 against its counterpart from Chinese Taipei, third in the world baseball ranking, from 10:30 in the morning, local time in Ciudad Obregón.