IN OCTOBER MODE: Randy does not stop surprising and DRAWED against the Red Sox

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

Randy Arozarena He has an intense romance with the month of October and the postseason, his quality in the regular season is undeniable, but his figure grows to astronomical levels when this definitive stage arrives and his quality multiplies until he reaches another dimension.

In a very close game, with a predominance of pitching, Randy had been dominated three times, striking out in the second and fourth and rolling to the box in the sixth, but the best was yet to come.

After an excellent job from starter Nathan Eovaldi and relievers Josh Taylor and Ryan Brasier, the situation got complicated in the top of the eighth, when with a 4 × 2 deficit, Wander Franco disappeared into left field on a count of three. balls and a strike and put the game very hot.

Austin Meadows, who had hit the first two for Tampa with a home run in the same first inning, doubled through center field and reached third on a groove to Nelson Cruz’s catcher, setting the scene ready for Mister’s hitting box. Cuban October.

On the count of a strike without balls, reliever Hansel Robles threw a difficult slider at him, in the corner outside and 92 miles, but Randy, with a refined technique, released his arms and placed it between left and center where it was impossible to capture for both outfielders and to the incredulity of the public that gathered at Fenway Park, the Pinar del Río anchored in second with a tying double for his team.

Arozarena reached 16 RBIs in 28 postseason games that has already played 16 extra-base hits (4 doubles, a triple and 11 homers), just half of the total hits he has connected, 32, in 91 times at bat, for a phenomenal average of 352.

Randy left his offensive line at (300/462/700) (AVE / OBP / SLG) and reached 5 RBIs, two RBIs, four runs scored, but with a home run to his account in the first game of the match.

Without further ado, enjoy the hit and remember that you can see all the videos of the Cuban players by following this link.