“I left Cuba because of HIGINIO VÉLEZ” CONFESSED expelotero of Industriales

By Migue Guerra

Yadel Martí is a pitcher much loved by all the Cuban fans, although he is no longer active in the sport, many of us remember his games in the Latin American stadium pitching for the Industriales, and how to forget that first world baseball classic where he was selected as a star pitcher of the event and best right pitcher of the tournament.

Yadel did not have an extensive career in Cuba, he only pitched in 10 National Series, for a total of 245 games in which he saw action in 3,018 innings, won 73 games and lost 43, had a 3.20 ERA and saved 41 games.

On the night of March 9, 2021, “The Complete Swing Show” was attended by the stellar blue right-hand pitcher: Yadel Martí, as special guest, Among many questions and confessions, the question arose as to what was the reason why Yadel decided to leave Cuba, his response began as follows:

“Simple, when I went to the 2007 World Cup, I was one out of playing a perfect game. The other start of mine was against the United States, which I was more or less, I threw I think 4 and 2/3, they made me like two or three runs. Anglada’s friend: Don Higinio Vélez, when I got to the hotel he didn’t say anything. We were at the hotel and I know, because I know his story, he came and stood up to me and said: How are you, everything okay? “

“He sits down and says: When we get to Cuba some things are going to start to change. I took it personally, I said: I am in the group, if there are two, I am one, but I cannot be alone. What determination were you going to make for a pitcher that you set to throw gold (gold medal game)? “

“I arrived in Cuba and when I arrived they called me from Cerro Pelado … And they told me that they gave me leave from Cerro Pelado, Higinio sent a letter and sent 5 names: Manuel Vega, who had not been there for 7 years, Yoelvis Fiss, Vladimir García, Reinier Yero and Yadel Martí. Yero never went to the Cuba team, the other had not been here for 12 years, the other 13 … and I who pitched the gold … seriously, something is wrong. “

Find out about everything Yadel Martí confessed in the following video:

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